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Ways to Stand Out in A Very Competitive Job Market

Due to COVID-19 causing a tremendous amount of job losses, the labour market has become extremely competitive. Large numbers of applicants hustle for minimal job openings. Find out how you can stand out from the crowd.

People volunteering to gain new skills
Volunteering is a great way to gain new skills

Engage in voluntary work

Ensure you engage in voluntary work experience to develop skills in your field of study. As almost all job recruiters request experience, no matter how short the period may be, engaging in voluntary work gives you an edge over those applying for the same position.

Write a perfect CV or resume

Your CV is the first window where you show your potential employer your qualifications and experience. The first interview also starts with a CV assessment. So, be sure to include vital information about your skills, career, research, and work experience.

Review your CV regularly to add new skills acquired. It should also carry the corresponding date when a certificate, degree or job experience was obtained.

Preparation of a CV and cover letter for a job
Make sure your CV and cover letter stand out

Here at Client Centric, we can professionally write for you a new and tailored CV and cover letter through our CV and cover letter writing service.

Build an online profile

Apart from a direct interview, the next reachable way for employers to assess potential employees is by viewing the social media profiles of applicants. Recruiters see this as a medium where they can gather information on candidates’ views, interest, skills etc.

So, it is advisable to be mindful of the information you share online.

A reliable social media platform that is so helpful in landing you your dream job is LinkedIn. There are many benefits to a job seeker in having a LinkedIn profile.

Make sure you develop your LinkedIn profile and keep your account active. Regularly update your page by posting your interests and latest experience such as research, achievements, projects, and past experiences obtained.

We can help you get noticed by professionally revamping your LinkedIn profile. Learn more about our LinkedIn profile writing and development service.

Acquire leadership skills

There are very few senior roles where you will not find the caption “ability to lead a team”. Most recruiters demand candidates with competent leadership skills, and companies seek out those who can lead teams.

Those who possess the attributes of selflessness and a strong zeal to work are likely candidates to scale through job interviews. Being positive and uplifting are also good traits for a team leader to have.

Acquire marketable skills

These are skills that are in demand in the job market. They give a prospective employee who is seeking a better job offer an edge over other competitive candidates.

Possessing a strong passion and zeal to execute work, accomplishing tasks and goals, and the ability to solve problems with minimum or no assistance, are essential in the job market.

Interview preparation with an interview coach
Preparation is key

Prepare for an interview

Ensure that you prepare adequately for an interview, know as much about the company as possible. Research both the company and the position you are applying for. Draw out questions based on the requirements demanded by the potential employer.

One of the services we provide is interview skills coaching. Receive one-on-one coaching from an experienced employment professional. The session runs for an hour and a half and will partly consist of a mock interview setup. We deliver coaching in every capital city in Australia including Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Hobart.

Review your cover letter or CV and rehearse on the answers for potential questions that will be asked.

Join professional associations within your industry

Being a member of a professional association will add a more executive look to your profile. It makes you look more respectable when applying for jobs related to your field or presenting credentials to potential clients as these associations comprise of experts and industry professionals within their respective fields.

Have good references

If you have made any success in the past, it is important you let them know. Show them you can do it, or you have done it, and not merely saying it or writing.

This can be proven by adding names of contacts you had worked with during a research work as a reference in your CV. If you require a reference letter written up, we can help you with this.


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