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Key Selection Criteria Writing Service

Let us relieve you of the burden of crafting responses to key selection criteria, allowing you to confidently pursue job opportunities without any apprehension or stress. Our expertly personalized and tailored responses, composed in adherence to the STAR format, will help you stand out from the competition and excel in your job search endeavors.

We take the stress out of writing responses.
So you won't have to.


Do you have to address a set of key selection criteria when applying for a job?


Let us take the burden off your shoulders by crafting custom, succinct responses that directly speak to the requirements of the position. Our responses will be tailored to showcase your relevant experience and expertise.

If you are unsure what selection criteria are, then feel free to read this article on breaking down what selection criteria are, by Matthew Coppola.

As the job market becomes increasingly competitive, many employers require potential candidates to address a set of key selection criteria.


A carefully crafted and structured response to these criteria can significantly improve your chances of securing an interview and standing out from other applicants.

We will make sure that the responses tie your experience and skills back to the position, incorporating relevant examples using the STAR format

Key selection criteria are commonly used by Australian Government departments

Key selection criteria are primarily utilized in the public sector by government agencies at the local, state, and federal levels. Applicants who provide well-written and compelling responses to these criteria are often given priority consideration.

For example, many jobs advertised by the Australian Government are listed on the Australian Public Service website.

Therefore, it's essential to have professionally crafted responses that precisely address the employer's requirements and effectively demonstrate your suitability for the position.

We specialize in crafting customised responses to selection criteria for diverse industries, professions, and levels.

Here are some examples of jobs and industries that we've addressed the selection criteria for:

  1. Government jobs - federal, state, and local levels

  2. Education sector - teaching, administrative, and support staff

  3. Healthcare sector - medical, nursing, and allied health roles

  4. Law enforcement and emergency services - police, fire, and ambulance services

  5. Non-profit and charity organizations - various roles including fundraising, project management, and community engagement

  6. Corporate sector - executive, managerial, and specialist roles in areas such as finance, marketing, and human resources

  7. Engineering and construction industries - roles such as project management, civil engineering, and architecture

  8. Information technology - roles in software development, project management, and technical support.

These are just a few examples, but there are many other jobs and industries that use selection criteria in their recruitment process.


Don't let selection criteria hold you back from your dream job. Click below to view competitive pricing on our writing services.

Here are a few sample responses that can give you an insight into the quality of our work

The ability to deliver intended results consistent with customer needs and defined quality expectations (including timelines), aligned with strategic goals and objectives.

As the Managing Director at Business Equity, I played a pivotal role in the start-up of the company. The company aimed to provide affordable accommodation to the community and easy access to educational institutions and medical facilities.

To achieve this objective, I needed to gauge outcomes in line with strategic goals and objectives, establish a network of external stakeholders and build relationships with them.

To accomplish these objectives, I developed a comprehensive strategy that involved negotiating with stakeholders and ensuring that the company's goals were aligned with the needs of the community. I took responsibility for overseeing the implementation of the strategy and making necessary adjustments along the way.

My efforts led to the successful establishment of a network of external stakeholders, which reinforced the company's ability to deliver affordable accommodation and access to educational institutions and medical facilities to the community.

I firmly believe that my ability to achieve results is rooted in my drive to perform and excel at necessary tasks. My track record of balancing quality and costs, providing exceptional customer service, and initiating procedures necessary to support broad customer service objectives and organizational approaches for service delivery are all testaments to my commitment to excellence. I remain personally accountable for the outcome of any endeavor I am involved in, and I prioritize tasks in order of importance and due date, spending time each morning planning out the day ahead.

In conclusion, I am confident that my track record of consistent results and strategic thinking make me a valuable asset for the advertised position. My ability to provide exceptional service delivery while building meaningful relationships with stakeholders and clients alike will enable me to excel in this role and drive meaningful results for the organization.

A demonstrated ability to negotiate persuasively and to successfully listen, understand and adapt to a range of audiences is required for this role, as well as appropriate qualifications.

Throughout my professional experience, I have worked in various environments and alongside a diverse range of individuals, demonstrating my ability to effectively communicate with different stakeholders. As a friendly, supportive, and respectful individual, I consistently strive to encourage and uplift others in all my interactions.

One specific example of this was during my time as a Program Coordinator at the Shorten Institute, where I successfully developed and maintained strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders. In this role, I facilitated regular meetings with key stakeholders, including Executive Directors, Learning Portfolio Managers, and Managing Directors, to negotiate and build partnerships that benefited both parties. Through these meetings, I was able to effectively communicate project updates, as well as offer and receive feedback on program goals, timelines, and deliverables.

My communication skills extend beyond relationship building, as I am confident in delivering information in a clear, concise, and articulate manner, whether it be through written or verbal communication. I have been recognized for my excellent presentation skills, having conducted training and seminars at the state, national, and district levels.

When communicating with others, I am able to adapt my language and delivery to ensure that the information is understood by the audience. For instance, during a recent presentation to a diverse group of stakeholders, I utilized various mediums, including visual aids and simplified language, to ensure that everyone understood the content being presented.

Furthermore, my interpersonal skills have been honed through my experience in conflict resolution and mediation. I am comfortable in negotiating with customers, suppliers, and government departments, and have successfully resolved conflicts and mediated disputes in various settings.

I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce in Management and Human Resources, where I am developing pertinent and transferable skills such as critical thinking, organizational skills, problem-solving, negotiation, and time management.

Our clients are wowed, and you will be too

"Awesome. Great job! Thank you so so much :-) I really want this job so feeling a lot more confident- now you have done such an awesome job"

Tania F, Senior Anaesthetic Technician

"Wow wow wow. You captured my essence so well. You are truly talented and money worth spent. I am going to keep you in my contact for future work."


Kay G, Youth Leader and Advocate

""Thank you so so much!!!! You have captured my experience perfectly. Can't believe I ever hesitated in using your service.  I will be referring all my friends and colleagues to your business."


Jenny, Coordinator

"These documents are a great start. I truly admire your skills as a wordsmith"


Kyle, Business Executive



You can reuse your responses multiple times with just a minor tweak.

We'll keep your responses within the word limit

When addressing the key selection criteria, our responses are maximum half a page long


We conduct extensive research by going through the position description and deciphering what the employer is looking for, as well as what is involved in the role. We try to incorporate keywords used in the job description and include it where appropriate when writing up each response. 

Even in situations where the job description is not informative enough, we work around this by researching similar other roles.

We'll incorporate working examples

We aim to provide solid evidence of your aptitude and relevance to the key selection criteria by including at least 1 or 2 specific examples.


We follow the 'SAO' approach when writing the response. However, every response is going to be different. When incorporating an example into the response, we try to adjust and expand upon examples provided by you so that it outlines the "Situation"; "Action" and "Approach" that you took. Similar to the STAR technique in addressing selection criteria.


To ensure clear and concise communication, we structure each response with an introduction, body, and conclusion. We prioritize honesty and positivity, avoiding over- or under-exaggeration of your skills, capabilities, or experience.

We'll personalise and tailor your responses


We personalize and tailor each selection criteria based on your own experience, ensuring to tie it back to the position's responsibilities. Our approach includes using relevant keywords and providing concrete examples that accurately demonstrate your suitability for the role.

Your responses will be easy to read


Our aim is to ensure that your application letter stands out and captures the reader's attention, as they may have limited time to review each application. By crafting compelling responses to the required key selection criteria, we strive to motivate the reader to read on and learn more about your qualifications and experience.

It's important to find a selection criteria writer that you can trust.

We're ready when you are

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