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Satisfaction assured.

Every client is special and important to us. This is why we take client satisfaction seriously.

We are continually striving to improve our level of service and ensure that every one of our clients is looked after and provided with the highest quality of work. Your feedback is important to us and shapes the way we provide our services. All of our testimonials and feedback are genuine and correct.


We take very seriously the satisfaction of our clients and the quality of work that we provide. 

“Letting go of staff is not something I am keen on doing  and by helping an employee to get their resume professionally written really helps soften this process.
The resumes that they write are of a very high standard. To see the relieved look on the employees face when you hand over to them their new resume is priceless. No doubt any other business will feel the same"

Daniel, Syrius Innovative Software


"Matthew is the resume writing legend. What a champion. He works in a very professional, specialised and detailed manner. When I first took on board his service it was not  what I expected. I now know why people pay to get their resume done...The resume that he writes really sells the person and promotes their skills, bringing out their best qualities. It’s like reading a story – it delivers well and flows perfectly... I have no hesitation in recommending their resume writing service"

Zig, Pacific Components





Interview to occur next week


Getting some good interviews since your help


Still waiting on answer.


CV made a noticeable difference!


Your advice to make cold calls was very useful and helped me get my job.


Fantastic attention to detail. Quick turn around time.


I had a number of agencies call me who had previously reject my previous resume. I got the first job I applied for using this resume.


Many thanks for your help and advice.


With the help of a great Resume, I got the job.




Thoroughly enjoyed working with Matthew and will refer future clients.


Very impressed


Excellent & fast service!!!


Excellent and very professional


Very happy.. will refer all my friends to you.


During my interview I was definitely complimented about the professional layout of the application and how well it was tailored to meet the standards.


I have not applied for a job for a very long time and appreciate your work. I sound pretty impressive in your letter. I feel that I will be ready for the next application.



*Names have been changed.


"Thank you so much for helping me the past two days. I really appreciate it. 

I've learnt so much over the past two days and I can't thank you enough.  

I'll let you know how I go tomorrow.  Thanks again.


Kind regards, Sarah,"



"Awesome! Great job! Thank you so so much :-) I really want this job so feeling a lot more confident- now you have done such an awesome job"


Tania F, Senior Anaesthetic Technician



"Wow wow wow. You captured my essence so well. You are truly talented and money worth spent. I am going to keep you in my contact for future work. Just a couple of changes, But great work. I am really happy. I hope this is enough to get me that interview because I am perfect for this job."


Kay G, Youth Leader and Advocate



"Hey Matthew,


I went for my second interview in February, using all the interview techniques that you've suggested and got the position! 
Thank you again for helping me in such short notice and giving me pointers.
I'll definitely recommend you to others who needs a mock interview and will definitely see you again if I need one next time.

Thanks again! Kind regards, Sarah"


"Really Really pleased buddy, you have allowed me to gain an interview again. Your the man for sure, and i will continue to recommend you to others without a doubt. You have helped me gain an interview with another government agency, and i have interview this Thursday, I can't thank you enough. This one is for a permanent role too.


many many thanks"


Steven, IT Support

""Hi Alana, thank you so so much!!!! You 

have captured my experience perfectly. Can't 

believe I ever hesitated in using your service. 

I will be referring all my friends and colleagues 

to your business."


Jenny, Coordinator



"Everything looks really professional and well detailed, thank you so much!" "Absolutely great work. Thank you. A complete difference I see what you mean. I don't know how to thank you."



Thank you very much for your great work! You must have done a lot of research about my course and the career prospection. Thanks a bunch!

First of all, thank you, you have done an excellent job. It is a vast improvement on what I had previously.  There are a few minor changes to the CV I wish to make. I had thought about making some of them myself, but I thought it best to simply run them all by you. Also, you have superior formatting skills. 


If you believe that any of the changes I suggest will not improve my resume then say so. I trust your judgment. 


Thanks again, you’ve done a fantastic job.  


Helena, Government

Great work. My CV looks great and so is 2 page statement with KSR. What a relief to see delivery of documents with quality and ahead of time. I have just submitted my application, fingers crossed, I will get a call for interview.


I would certainly recommend your services and keep you in the loop for updates and future application (if any).


Thanks again.



Carly, Chief Financial Officer

I just want to thank you for doing such an outstanding job of my selection criteria.

I'm not sure how you managed to put into words exactly what was in my head but it certainly has lessened the job application burden for me. While I know I can do the job, it's hard to find the time & energy to answer these as well as you did for me. 

I will keep you posted on the outcome & am pleased to highly recommend you to anyone else who may require your services. You have been nothing but professional & even completed this ahead of time for me!



Susanne, Youth Worker

Belatedly, many thanks for the work you have done to rewrite and reorganise my CV, letter and profile. They are positive improvements on the material I forwarded to you.


I have been away, hence the delayed response.


I appreciate the time you take to understand the client and integrate this understanding into the final draft. From my perspective, the result for the client is they do not feel like a number.



Tory, Community Services

It is a relief to have someone look over it and tweak it – I really appreciate your prompt help.

Leanne, Registered Nurse

Thank you so much for great services, Am definitely recommending my friends to benefit too. Am still going through the all the pieces so far am impressed. 

Claire, Registered Nurse



This is amazing!  You have absolutely nailed it.


I made a few small amendments to correct some of the teaching terminology and have attached the revised documents with this email.


Thank you so much for all your efforts and I will let you know if I am successful.


Fingers crossed!

Brenda, Education Professional

"The work you have done is perfection. Exactly what I wanted ;)


I am very happy with what you have produced and have recommend you to a few friends here at work and I will definitely use you again in the future"

Kari, Business Accounts Manager

"Really happy with the end result, very much appreciated"

Daniel, Sales Executive

"Thank you very much. It is great." 

Lisa, Project Officer

"Thanks so much for making the amendments. It looks great!


Thanks so much for your hard work and I will recommend your services to my network."

Courtney, Administrator - Executive

"I don’t know why I haven't consulted with you before this.
You have done so much work in researching and organising this application - I can’t thank you enough.
There are only a couple of items that need correction and I can do that myself.
It’s organised, clear and sounds like me - I was so fearful that it might end up a bit ‘fancy’ but it’s authentic and strong.
This is the best value for money


Terry, Healthcare Professional

"Thanks so much, this draft is exactly what I needed, hopefully this gets me through to interview, all the best."


Pat, Construction Manager

"Sounds awesome !! 

Thank you so much for your assistance with this!!

Wish me luck !

Many thanks,"


Stefania, Nurse

"I just read the CV and the Cover letter and I love it. You did an amazing job and I never could have done up a resume like this up myself. I am so happy I found Client Centric because I think this is going to be a huge improvement on me finding the jobs I am after. 


Thank you again for all the effort and I will definetly be contacting you again in the future if I need help with another cover letter.


Have a great afternoon."


Mary, Graduate

"Just wanted to give you some feedback.

  1. This week I have four interviews, two of which are for some very significant jobs

  2. My LinkedIn  hits has risen 200%.  At least one recruiter is reviewing my profile every day

Thanks so much for you support."


John, Advisor

"Thank you so much, that's perfect you've done such a great job! I have a few friends also interested so I will be passing on your details. Thank you :-)."


Thomas, Payroll Administrator

"Absolutely incredible job with the resume and cover letter very pleased"


Tahlia, Project Support

"Looks perfect. Thank you so much. Awesome job as usual ;)"


Carina, Administrator

"Just wanted to give you an update on how I've been progressing...I used the KSC you helped me with for another...role- had the interview yesterday, and got the call today saying I was successful....I'm so pleased!

The manager gave me some feedback and said that my application was very impressive..even before meeting me face to face.


Rhys, Community Services

"Thank {you} very much. I am beyond happy with this statement! Also, thank you for picking up on those errors."


Katrina, Graphics Designing

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this criteria...I had an interview today. and I was offered the job just about two hours ago...Thank you for all your help"


Terri, Administration

"I have reviewed the Statement, looks and sounds perfect...Thanks for assisting in the short amount of time you had."

Rosemarie, Branch Manager

"Thank you so very much for your time helping me. I absolutely love what you have done. It is absolutely incredible!"

Robin, Graduate

"Thanks for sending that through, it looks good. Thank you. :-)"

Jasmine, Administration

"Thanks so much,  this sounds perfect! You've done a very good job, can't thank you enough. 

Enjoy the long weekend :) "


Kerry, Nursing

"Thank you very much. This is excellent! I will be sure to provide an update soon."

Jonathan, Government

WOW! This is just too good. I kept on reading over and over and in fact impressed with myself on the things I used to do and it is so beautifully captured! "



Claire, Risk Management

"Thank you very much, you have done an amazing job. Fingers crossed I get the job."

Chloe, Gardening

"Awesome looks really good now thanks"

Craig, Boilermaker

"It looks great I appreciate the work you have put into it. Fingers crossed it gets me in the door.

Thanks heaps.​"


Chris, Logistics

"Thanks very much. I am happy with the final documents. "

Cassie, Business Analysis

"Apologies for not getting back to you sooner.

Thank you so much for the resume.  It is great!

I shall be in touch for an application letter if needed. Cheers."

Jasmine, Client Services 

"I've read the selection criteria and happy with it. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for providing your assistance with the selection criteria."

Sarah, Administration

"I’m very happy with the finished product, it looks great. Thanks for getting it back to me so quickly."

Ben, Aviation

"Thank you so much for that CV, it looks fantastic! There were a few corrections to make with regards to minor tasks performed at various employment, but overall it’s fantastic, reads so well and looks very professional. Thanks for all your help!"

Courtney, Teacher

"Thanks very much Matthew this is great. Just a few minor changes that I can put into context more than you could so I can adjust myself. Great work."

Bethany, Medical Professional

"This appears to be really good thanks I appreciate your efforts"

Dominic, Analyst

"Thank you for the cover letter and cv. You have done an excellent job and there are only a few minor changes....Thank you again for all your work and I now have a greater chance of an interview."


Chantelle, Trades

"Very happy with that thanks "


Samantha, Administration

"Got it thanks. Looks great! "


John, Management

"I have reviewed the documents and they're great, no need for any changes and additions."


Jenny, Graduate

"Good afternoon,


I would just like to provide you with some feedback on the interview coaching session I had with John.


I thought it was practical and useful, particularly for someone like me who is quite introverted and struggles in an interview setting. I received lots of good tips, things that I had not considered before. And I am sure that having this session helped me in the interview I had the following week, as I have been offered the job!


Thank you so much for all your help and to John for sharing his knowledge with me."


Cathy, Administration

"Very happy with it…thank you so much!

It looks Amazing. ​"


Pasqualina, Arts

"Its perfect

Thanks very much."

Jonathan, Technical

"Thank you so much for creating my CV. It looks awesome."

Jennifer, Education

"Thanks again for doing my CV. It looks fantastic. I’ve just read over it and made a few suggestions."

Melanie, Graduate

"Looks excellent as always. Thank you very much with this application."

Craig, Administration

"Good evening,


Wow, Thank you  so much for your quick response. I am really happy with the quality and the service you have provided. I can take it from here with any changes.


Again thanks so much you have saved me so much time and I most definitely will use your service again and recommend. Brilliant"

Joelene, Management

"I think this is great. No changes from me. 


Thanks for making this whole process simple and easy."

Carrie, Marketing

"Thanks again! Another great job."

John, Technical

"Wow this looks great! Thanks so much"

Sarah, Professional Services

"Thank you so much for all your help. Let’s hope this is the winning application lol. Will let you know."

Samantha, Government

"Excellent, yes please and  thank you again 

Your assistance has helped me put some of the pieces together. I'm feeling more confident about interviews."

Brenda, Management

"Thank you! It looks really good to me and I don’t believe there’s anything that needs changing."

Craig, Graduate

"Thank you so much.


It is perfect as always.  I don’t know what I would have done without you guys.


Thanks again and will be in contact to let you know about the outcomes."

Isabella, Management

"Fabulous, I’m very pleased with it - thank you so much for that! Happy to sign off."

Jenny, Events

"I’ve submitted my application, so fingers crossed! I am very happy with the documents you produced for me."

Jonathan, Consulting

"Just saying with that resume, I would hire me – that is fantastic!...Honestly this looks fabulous!"

Kylie, Administration

"Thank you so much, it is perfect."

Janine, Government

"The Linked in looks great! :-)"

Bethany, Office Suppprt

"I have only had a look at the CV and it's fabulous. I can't believe how much I was going to miss out on with my old one"

Thomas, Graduate

"I have read through and I am very happy with the content. I am most appreciative of the effort put into the documents."

Timothy, Public Service

"Thank you so much for a wonderful job application...I have really appreciated your assistance in and your patience with me...It was very much appreciated."

Tania, Healthcare

"I just wanted to thank you again for this and for the quick turn around. You have done a great job"

Fred, Technical

"It’s excellent! Thanks again."

Jenny, Administration

"This looks excellent. There is nothing i wish to change. Thank you very much."

Timothy, Engineering

"Thanks again, as I said overall I am very pleased. Although I initially thought they looked a bit long, they don't feel wordy and are easy to read, they flow really well."

Dominic, IT

"You really put the shine on me...I didn’t realise I was that good, the way CC presented it...Thank you again."

Jerry, Project Manager

"They both look incredible, I am very happy with the result."

Steven, Graduate

"Thanks very much for the work you have done. I carefully read the documents. I am very satisfied with the content and the presentation. I would also like to thank you for the tips you offered me yesterday for organising my publications list."

Joseph, Academic

"Apologies for the late email, but I just wanted to thank you for all of your help and assistance in getting together everything for me in such a short time frame. Seamless and easy!"

Joseph, Academic

"These documents are a great start. I truly admire your skills as a wordsmith"


Kyle, Business Executive



"Honestly I have never seen such professionalism and utmost kindness like I've seen you deliver. 


Thankyou immensely for your support and sense of urgency. I have transferred the fee for the cover letter. 


Apologies again for the delay. 


I'll be recommending you to others I know would benefit from your services. 


Truly fantastic work!! "


Nicole, Human Resources

I just wanted to thank you again for assisting me with my CV and Cover letter recently. You will be pleased to know that I not only obtained an interview within 2 days of emailing my CV but was successful in securing the role starting on the 10th April.. The panel of interviewers were very impressed with the detail shown in my CV and were able to short list the candidates very quickly. 


I will definitely be recommending your business to others.



Gary, Logistics

Thank you for the quick response. And I appreciate your excellent work!!



Just want to express my gratitude to you for the excellent resume services.


After I’ve received your updated resume, I submitted my application on Wednesday night this week, and the HR called me the next day and arranged an interview. I got the offer within a week!


I will definitely recommend you to my friends


Tennille, Junior Accountant


That’s fantastic, thanks.  I reckon I should land an interview with this work!


Fiona, Business Development 


Outstanding! Thanks very much for your effort in presenting a very professional package for me. Your wording and format are exceptional, and have given me a very good base to start pursuing another long term career. 

John, Training and Supervision


I'm so impressed. Your responses is very professional I couldn't done it myself.   Your service is great all the way through,  much appreciated.


I will contact you again soon to rewrite my Resume.

Mary, Policy Development

Thank you very much for the selection criteria, these have been a great help. I appreciate your professionalism and the fact that you attend to my emails very quickly.

Jennifer, Service Technician

Made a few changes myself and the docs are good to go. So no more edition will be required from you. Thanks very much for your prompt and quality service!

Tory, Education Aide

Thanks for every thing! It all turned out great. I'll be sure to pass on your information to friends. 

Steven, Tradesman

This is wonderful.


Thank you so much for all your help and assistance!


I'll be sure to let you know how I go.



Andrew, IT Desktop Support Engineer

Thanks for your assistance, the CV and Covering Letter have a great format, are professional and I'm quite happy with the end results.


Tim, Finance Professional

Thank you so much for the fantastic work. I am really satisfied with my application documents and would highly recommend to anyone.


Carina, Marketing Manager

"Thank you for your help, It's outstanding selection 

criteria very well organized."


Mick, Financial Accountant

"Thank you so very much! I am happy with the work you have done. It's really great. I will continue to use your companies service and I will also recommend clientcentric to all my friends from Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. I wish I could write like this. Excellent work. Thank you so very much. Its great help!"


Jennifer, Nurse

"Well done. Thank you very much  and hopefully with your help I would be successful again with my application."


Sarah, Medical Receptionist

"Thanks, it is definitely different to what I thought employers would be looking for, and probably a format/look I would never have gone with myself.


I do like it, I think there is some amount of personality within the docs', mine were a bit bland.


I guess I will see how things go over the course of the next couple of months, I appreciate the quick delivery."


Jeremy, Storeman

"Sent through my application yesterday and I just wanted to say thanks for organising my resume within such short notice. Fingers crossed and hoping for the best now."


Silvana, Project Manager

"Oh wow!! You are amazing!!

Looks really good.  I will just change a couple of words here and there, but it is incredible!

Thank you!"


Selena, Business Support

"Wow this is fantastic! There are a couple of minor areas in the selection criteria that I might need to re word just to be a bit clearer about the work method undertaken on certain projects so if I need any assistance I will send it through to you to check over. Other than that I am very happy with the cover letter and CV and I think you have really captured and entwined my experience with the job requirements beautifully.

Many thanks once again and I’ll be in touch to let you know how I go with hopefully obtaining an interview and progressing from there."

Jessica, Interior Designer

"Thank you so much for the prompt work and I have to say you have done a first rate job. 

I will review over the weekend as I have noted a couple of small changes that are required.

Thanks again and I’ll be in contact.

Hope you have a great weekend"

Steven, Executive

"Wow I'm blown away! Fantastic, I could never have written that better myself...I am so happy with this."

Patricia, Marketing Officer

"Thanks very much Matthew and team, I am so pleased with this work, and ready to send my application.

Many thanks and see you again next time!!


And really appreciate you highlighting the red ones for me to put in. Thanks again! "

Ashlee, Project Officer

"Sorry for the delayed response.


They look great thanks. I understand your point regarding the academic details now too, I clearly hadn't thought enough about it.


Thanks for the prompt responses and the quality of documents. I will be recommending you to my colleagues and friends.




Brett, Engineer

"Simply, it looks beautiful - that's the best way to describe it. An absolute pleasure to read and easy on the eye. Even more so, it 'sounds' like me. You have my personality in there, not written from a text book. Phenomenal! 

No changes needed, I'm absolutely thrilled with it. Please feel free to put my comments in the review section of your website if applicable.

Have a great rest of the week, and thanks again."


Sarah, Project Coordinator

"Great, thank you Matthew...Looks great, I really appreciate your help." 

Josephine, Analytics

"Thank you for sending through the updated KSC and CV. I've reviewed both docs and am very happy with it in its current state. You've managed to consolidate and articulate details really well with a nice flow across all three pieces. 


I would like thank you for all your assistance and will recommend your services to business colleagues and friends. 


I'll let you know how I go with the application. 


Once again, thank you for everything."

Stephen, Executive

"Thank you, your service and assistance has been greatly appreciated & most importantly exceptional cover letter, i will keep you posted to the outcome of my application "

John, Infrastructure Management

"Thank you very much, couldn't have done it any better. My sincerest thanks."

Adam, Nurse

"Thanks  so much for your help. Everything looks good to me."



Jacinta, Media

"Thank you for that.  I have reviewed and made a few minor changes - nothing that needs to come back to you... I appreciate your effort in getting these documents together and looking great."

Joel, Operations Management

Thank you so much for the quick turn around. It all looks great...Thanks again"


Tara, Business Graduate

"You have done an exceptional job on creating the CV and cover letter I am very pleased with both."


Steve, Engineering

"Thank you very much, I am very happy with it.  I like how you have incorporated my summaries with key words and it’s straight to the point.."

Chloe, Administration

"Thank you so much for your prompt response. This looks great."

Kari, Education

"Thank you so much for your prompt response. This looks great."

Kari, Education

"Thanks for sending the cover letter. Very good work, thank you very much. If they call me for an interview I will be interested in coaching. Cheers,​."

Samuel, Aged Care

"Many thanks for all of your help with everything, much appreciated."


Craig, Maritime

"Thanks very much for this, appreciate all the work that has gone into it and the quick turn around...I'm happy with where it sits currently. I will certainly recommend your services to others"


Steven, Media and Arts

"Thank you very much! I will read through. From a quick glance, it looks extremely thorough, definitely more than I would have even thought of :-)"


Sharon, Communications

"I read it over and it looks really good. Thank you very much. "


Jenny, Administration

"Wow wow, as always.. a job well done!!

Thank you, so much"

Christy, Education

"A lovely job and crisp layout."

Jeremy, Executive

"Many thanks. Appreciate it. Thank you for your superb services" 


Stefania, Academic

"Love it. Thank you so so much it is amazing!!!! " 


Jeneane, Health Professional

"That's Brilliant. Thank you so much :) " 


Sven, Events Management

"Thanks very much for getting back to me with the cover letter and CV.


On the whole, I’m pretty pleased with both. There are just a few minor changes to the wording needed however, I can manage this myself. It is just around the explaining of process.


You’ve done a good job of highlighting my skill set. For that I am thankful – sometimes it’s hard to write about yourself.


I feel confident I can take it from here with any changes required – they are only minor. " 


Craig, Not-for-Profit Industry

"Fantastic work, as always!


Sarah, Administration

"Thanks very much for the quick response.

I am happy with the letter. Thanks again! 

Have a great day!"


Christina, Administration


Thank you for all your help 

Its perfect "


John, Management

"Thank you it is all great. Thank you for your assistance, you have done an amazing job."


Holly, Administration

"I’ll very happy with that thank you."


Tom, Trades

"Have read over details as attached. From what I see it appears that these responses address the questions at hand in greater detail than I had previously supplied and there is nothing within that I wouldn’t endorse or agree with. Thank You.."


George, Trades

"Thanks for your efforts dealing with this on such short notice..will be sure to use your services again and recommend you to others."


Craig, Trade Services

"Thank you for your immediate action. Looks all good to me."


Josephine, Education 

"Looks excellent!! Thank you so much, I have now submitted my application, wish me luck :-)"


Demi, Accounts

"Thanks. Good as always!!!"


John, Trades

"Thanks very much for your work. Am very happy with it."


Kerry, Administration

"Thank you for your hard work.. and updating the KSC again."


Dominic, Client Services

"Thank you! It looks really good :)"


Sarah, Health Services

"You’ve done a fantastic job!"


John, Customer Service

"Thank you for the selection criteria, really appreciate it.  Will definitely use you again for future applications."


Christine, Government

"Amazing. Just amazing. Now time to get a new career!!  Greatly Appreciated"


Simon, Technical

"That is wonderful. Thankyou ever so much!!!"


Jessica, Administration

"Many thanks for sending this to me to review. I’m very happy with the content and think it reads well."


Nicole, Leadership

"Sorry for the late reply. Just wanted to say thank you for your help with my resume and KSC. I'm very happy with the work that you have done.

I've applied for the job and have my fingers crossed."


Jones, Information Technology

"Thanks Matthew, that looks really good. Very happy :-) "


Bethany, Management

"Looks great, thank you!"


Jenny, Graduate

"Thank you so much. We're all good. Well done! I'm happy now. I'll get in contact with you again when something comes up. All the best."


Cassie, Administration

"Thank you so much, it certainly sounds much more professional than it did before!"


Mary, Education

"I would like to say a big thank-you to yourself and your team. I applied for the position yesterday afternoon. I received an email today saying that I have been shortlisted for the position. I'am really appreciative to you all at Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions. You provided me with a well rounded CV and cover letter that encapsulated my skills and knowledge perfectly. I am very happy with the service I received. "


Carina, Graduate

"Thank you for sending this through. I have had a look and I think it is great.


I very much appreciate all your time and effort especially with the short time frame provided."


Sarah, Administration

"Good morning, I had a look a the criteria and I think they are excellent. Not sure how to go from here! I think I am quite happy with them."


Jason, Technical

"I would like to thank you for your assistance in the presentation of the required criteria.


After reading them several times and comparing them to what I had written before you have managed to highlight areas that I had not. I am really pleased with the result.


Again thank you very much for your time and effort."


Jim, Management

"Thank you soooooo much. Super impressed with my new resume and cover letter. Will definitely refer you if any of my friends family require this service."


Jacinta, Professional Services

"Thank you for sending these through; I have had a brief  look over them and they look great."


John, Education

"Thank you for a grand job. I'm not normally lost for words but when critiquing myself or describing myself I do struggle. I've only made minor changes and are happy with the results...Thanks again for your work and completing in the timeframe required. "


Tony, Management

"Thank you so much for your help."


Thomas, Technical

"Yes. I really love your work, thank you! "


Janice, Administration

"Thankyou very much for the selection criteria. I am very happy with it and it outlines my experiences very well. Thankyou for your good work."


Dean, Government

"Thank you very much, this is excellent quality and I am very happy with the service you have provided...Let me know if anything else is required, otherwise thanks again for a great job."


Jennifer, Human Resources

"Thank you so much for your help. I have reviewed the attached documents and you have detailed the requirements very well. So there are no further changes from my side. Once again thank you​"


Janice, Government

"Thanks heaps for your help done an awesome job very happy."


Dillon, Carpenter

"Thank you. It's perfect. Really appreciate your time and efforts.​"


Demi, Government

"Thank you.  The Cover Letter looks great.  I am happy with its contents."

Jacinta, Community Services

"Many thanks, I believe this is great work and I could not have done a job like this."

Kari, Health

"The resume and cover letter are very good, much more professional than how I had formatted and written them."

John, Operations

"Great work - I will be recommending you to my colleagues. Thank you"


Janice, Community Services

"These are great.  I’m extremely impressed with what you have researched on my past positions."


Ruth, Administration

"Firstly, thank you for sending these
 items through to me.  It looks very professional and thorough. 
I can tell alot of work went into it... and it
 actually needed it, lets be honest."


Demi, Scientist

"I’m happy with that, sounds great. Thanks so much"


Jessy, Government

"Thank you so much, these documents are excellent, I just made some minor changes and have submitted my application


Thank you for your prompt, efficient and professional documents, I really appreciate your help.."

Jenny, Operations

"Thanks again for your time and insight during the week - really appreciated and excellent session. I've added a Google review :) "

Danny, Projects

"Thank you very much for sending the finalised selection criteria. I am really impressed with the quality of the work produced, and I wish I was able to write as well as you do!!...My very positive feedback to you and Client Centric! Thank you!"

Jessica, Marketing

"That is wonderful, thanks again for all your hard and great work with all my criteria’s and resume.

I appreciate your assistance and high quality work."


Jenny, Project Management

"Thank you for the completed document in the short time frame Matthew. It is greatly appreciated."


Caroline, Administration

"Looks great! Covers the selection criteria and focuses on my previous experiences. Thank you so much for this"


Carina, Academic

"Thank you for this, I am really happy and was excited to send off such a solid application last night."


Jessica, Nursing

"Thank you so much for providing me with a professional and outstanding cv and cover letter. This has taken so much stress away as I can continue on with my life without stressing about recreating and updating them myself."

Desiree, Environmental Services

"Thank you very much for the updated documents and your feedback.

I looked through the CV and cover letter again and I am very happy with the results.

The new documents make me feel so much more confident for my future applications, you did an excellent job."

Stewart, Mechanical Engineering

"Thank you so much! It’s brilliant. I will definitely be using your services again. You have taken the stress out of writing it and made it sound better than I ever could. 

Money well spent."

Katrina, Health

"Good morning Matthew,


Thank you very much for sending the responses to the Selection Criteria. I have reviewed them and they read very well and are written exceptionally professional. I'm very happy with them and don't think I'll be looking to make many amendments to each of them.


I'll be looking to apply for further job advertisements in the future and will be sure to employ your services.


Thank you very much."


Dylan, Project Management

"Thank you for the writing of the Selection  Criteria and Covers Letter, it is very professional, well written, and able to describe everything about my self that I like to sell to them. 


It brought a reality check for me to know where I stand in my English Writing. Thank you very much for all your help."


Timothy, Marketing Officer

"Thanks for sending through the CV and cover letter. I’ve read over it and I’d just like to say that I’m very satisfied, you’ve done a great job. There isn’t anything I’d like to change or add. Thanks for putting it all together."


John, Photographer

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