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Defence Career Transition Services

We make finding work less of a hassle for Defence members and their partners.

Professional services to help you stand out from other applicants and get ahead in the jobs market.


If you are a member of the ADF needing help with a demilitarised resume, you've come to the right place.


And, through the PEAP program, we also assist the partners of ADF members with a range of employment support services to help with applying for work when relocating. 

The range of tailored services

we offer include:

Professional CV and cover letter

Responses to selection criteria

Interview skills coaching

LinkedInTM profile writing

Professionally written documents to highlight your skills and experience.


Finding a job after serving in the military can be a challenging task for many. Challenges may arise in being able to write up a resume and cover letter that accurately highlights the relevant skills that you can transfer over.

We assist military personnel in making a smoother transition to civilian work life, in helping you to obtain work.

Interview skills coaching to help give you the confidence to make a real impression.


For many people, the process of being questioned by a prospective employer can seem very daunting. Being able to promote oneself and express one's skills, experience and value that they bring to the role can often be very difficult. 

At Client Centric, we provide interview skills coaching to help with answering interview questions and promoting yourself to the employer.




For those individuals going back to the workforce after serving in the Defence.

Leaving the Defence force and moving into employment in a civilian setting can be overwhelming for servicemen and servicewomen, and for a good reason.


As a former soldier, you may feel that potential employers won’t understand the skills you have or how your experience is relevant and valuable to the employers’ company. Yes, there are duties that you may find unrelated to the labour market; however, you can make it clear what skills you acquire that are transferable from the Defence.


The many skills and qualities that an employer will find useful in hiring a former soldier include:

  • Excellent time management and organisational abilities.

  • Strong interpersonal skills.

  • Self-discipline and focus.

  • The ability to act and think with conciseness and focus.

  • Exceptional team working skills.

  • Specific technical/artistic and professional expertise and skills.


Both your resume and cover letter will compliment each other in the way they present and deliver in front of the employer.


Professionally address key selection criteria with tailored responses that incorporate your experience and line up with the job description.


We can teach you techniques on how to promote yourself better and answer correctly any potential questions asked of you. 

Every session that we conduct will be tailored to your needs. However, some of the topics we do cover include:


  • How to effectively make use of questioning techniques.

  • How to start and end an interview.

  • How to compose yourself when asked difficult questions.

  • Ways you can build rapport with the interviewee/s.

  • How to using probing techniques.

  • How to read and understand the interviewer's body language.

  • How to communicate well and present yourself professionally.

  • How to manage your own body language.

  • Typical questions you might be asked and correct answer.

  • Mock interview session and feedback provided.

  • Typical industry-specific questions and scenarios.  

  • How to deal with group interviews and set yourself apart 


Do you want to better control what employers and industry professionals find out about you online, what you do and the skills you offer? This is important and why we offer our services.


Our LinkedIn™ writing service will help greatly improve the way your online profile is represented, displayed in the best possible manner, with the highest standards of credibility, trustworthiness, and professionalism.


We will make sure that the right keywords are in place and also write up a professional summary that helps to grab the readers attention. 


1. Send us a copy of your most recent resume, your service history, duties performed while in service (if possible) and a few links to jobs online that interest you.

2. Prior to us commencing work, we will send you our payment instructions. If payment is being made by an external agency, please provide us with a purchase order number and confirmation of approval.

3. Once the work has been completed, we will send you the job application documents ready for your review.

4. After you have made your review of the job application documents, we will then make any changes needed and send back to you.


Simple pricing. Convenient packages.


Please feel free to click on the link to view the fees for our range of packages and individual services that we offer.

Get in contact with us today.

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If payment is being made from the Defence through the Partner Employment Assistance Program, please let us know at the time of contacting us.


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