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Capability statement writing and design service

Business Development and Marketing

Capability Statement Writing and Design

Custom statements created for all industries
Fees range from $2,000 + depending on statement size
Personalised and individualised to each company
Sizes can range from 4-pages to 12-pages or more

Capability Statements by ClientCentric

Inform, persuade and motivate customers to do business with you.

Elevate your enterprise to unprecedented heights by presenting a captivating capability statement from ClientCentric. Whether you're submitting a tender or proposing a project, our tailored graphical design and targeted content will help you leave a lasting impression on potential clients. With our expertise, you can rest assured that your business will stand out from the competition.

Our capability statements will help promote your business and highlight what you have to offer and why a prospective client should do business with you.


A capability statement is a great marketing tool that any business can use to strengthen its corporate brand and emphasise its point of difference and the value they bring to a prospective client. That is, how it can benefit them. Feel free to read our article, How your Capability Statement Helps With Marketing, by Matthew Coppola.​

​​We'll design for you a captivating, engaging, and attractive statement that works to sell and market your business's offerings. Your statement will be visually appealing.

We will develop your new statement's design, layout, structure, marketing spiels and wordsmith content provided to us to improve its clarity and style.

We create capability statements for companies of all sizes, no matter the industry or location.



With great businesses comes great statements.

Crane Hire Capability Statement
Security Firm Capability Statement
Management Consulting Capability Statement
Mining Capability Statement
Construction Capability Statement
Legal Firm Capability Statement
Energy Resources
Screen Shot 2021-11-27 at 10.54.03 pm.png
Solar Energy Generation Capability Statement
Construction Industry Consulting Capability Statement
Great Capability Statement Design
Professional Capability Statement Example

All industries served.

No matter what industry you're in, we'll create a unique and personal capability statement that's tailored to your company. Some of our past clients include:

Equip your sales people with the best marketing tool for the job.

Business Plan

Capability statements are more than just an informative document outlining what a company can do.


Staff in marketing, sales and business development can utilise these documents to try and win over a customer's business during meetings, presentations, events, seminars, conferences, tender applications, business development activities, and sales initiatives.

We believe that it makes sense for every Australian business to have a capability statement that showcases their entire suite of business offerings to prospective customers if and when the opportunity arises to do so.

The feedback says it all.

Read the following review from earthconnect.

We required the services of a business that had the capability of producing professional, attention-grabbing Capability Statements to help promote the offerings of our Solar business. With the popular use of a Google search, we chose to engage ClientCentric as our provider.


I personally only dealt with Matthew Coppola through the process of producing the three differing Capability Statements which we put together for our business, and I found Matthew to be very attentive and engaging through our many conversations and tended to listen and advise rather than instruct.


I provided ClientCentric with a crude document structure plus a large volume of information and images for each Capability Statement, and Matthew turned each package into a very professionally structured Capability Statement. 


There were multiple tweaks and versions produced until we were 100% satisfied with the end product. ClientCentric were always very accommodating and were eager to work with us to produce Capability Statements which we could be proud of.


The associated costs to produce our Capability Statements was very reasonable, and look forward to working with the ClientCentric team again.

It's your statement, custom-built.

Talk to us today about how we can create a capability statement that you can be proud to show off. Every statement we design and write is unique, original, and individualised to every client's needs. 

Personalised marketing captions and selling spiels

Creatively designed layout and graphics

Expertly written business content

Consistent branding throughout

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 11.45.19 am.png

A layout that's easy to read and follow 

Good mix of content and graphics

Custom-written and designed for impact

Cover what people need to know.
We can help with writing about specific areas of your business.

Introduction and Company Overview

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Corporate Partnerships

Past and Current Clientele with Testimonials

Organisational Structure

Plant and Equipment Information

Awards and Accreditations

Governance Information

Profile of the Management Team

Details of Licences and Accreditations

Current and Past Projects

Overview of Services and/or Product Range

Capability Statement
Pricing Structure

Allow us to create, for your company, a custom-written, uniquely designed, and tailored capability statement that you can be proud of. In consultation with you, we will put together an outline of what will be covered on each page. The general turnaround time is 10 business days, depending on the size and complexity of the statement. Custom pricing is available. Please inquire.

Custom statement
$TBA - Enquire
8-page statement
$4,000.00 + GST
6-page statement
$3,000.00 + GST
4-page statement
$2,000.00 + GST
10-page statement
$5,000.00 + GST
Screen Shot 2021-11-28 at 12.23.03 am.png

Ready to get started?

Talk to the capability statement experts.

Talk to us today about how we can write and design an awesome capability statement that's tailored for your company.

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