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With a brand new, professionally written Linkedin profile, you'll be able to confidently network with likeminded professionals as well as get noticed by recruiters. You can even learn new skills too and contribute to group discussions.

Build credibility with recruiters, employers and peers.

Having a presence on a professional social media platform such as LinkedInTM is a great way to get noticed by hundreds of potential employers and recruiters.


Not only can you network more effectively with other professionals in your industry but many jobs are also advertised on here.

Example of a great Linkedin profile
Linkedin profile professionally written
Linkedin revamped and tailored for any industry

This is what you can expect.

Your Linkedin profile professionally written

We'll write a professionally written and wordsmithed summary that encapsulates your experience, ambitions and profile.

We'll connect you to relevant groups and companies in your industry.

We'll make sure to include all your education, achievements and employment history, ensuring the right keywords are in place.

We'll provide you with some suggestions and tips on how to make the most out of your profile.

Including accomplishments in Linkedin
Networking using Linkedin
Making the most out your Linkedin profile

The feedback from our clients says it all.

"Thanks so much for a great job on my Linkedin Profile.  Very happy with the end result and your professionalism at all times.

Thanks again for a wonderful job. I would highly recommend you to my family and friends"


Joceyln, Administration


"Everything looks fantastic, thank you so much for your efforts. I really appreciate the time you have taken to ensure my profile accurately reflects my personal brand and will be sure to recommend your service within my network."


John, Management


Connect with industry peers and groups using Linkedin

Get noticed and connect.

LinkedInTM is a way to connect with others all over the world and engage with other likeminded people in your industry.


Although having a LinkedInTM profile is not compulsory, it’s ideal to have. When making their hiring decisions, many employers and recruiters will look up a candidate’s name online.


LinkedInTM shows the information that’s relevant to them, such as the individual’s work history, interests, connections and summary/career objective. Some people even include a photo of themselves to add some personality and a face to a name.


The team at Client Centric are experts at revamping LinkedInTM profiles. They know how to write up a captivating candidate spiel, as well as how to complete a profile with all of the candidate’s experience, skills, interests, projects (if relevant) and education. Included in one of Client Centric’s revamped profile include relevant images and header banners based on the candidate’s background.


Generally speaking, it takes around a couple of working days or so for Client Centric to complete a full-revamped LinkedInTM profile, ready for review.

When a potential employer searches your name on online, what will they learn about you? Do you want to control better what companies and industry professionals find out about you?  This is important and why we revamp profiles for our clients.

We will completely revamp your profile so that it highlights your skills and experience, complemented by a strong selling summary.


Our aim is to help place you on display in the best possible manner, with the highest standards of credibility, trustworthiness and professionalism.  

According to Forbes, one of the great things about having a strong profile is that it has millions of members in all different fields and professions. See the following article "9 Reasons Why You Must Update Your LinkedIn Profile Today".

*Please note that Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions is not affiliated with LinkedIn™.

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Some frequently asked questions.

How does LinkedIn benefit me?


LinkedIn is a work based social networking service that allows you to create a personal profile to help promote yourself in the workforce.


Both businesses and individuals can create content that can introduce them to the right people.


LinkedIn can benefit you in many ways when searching for work or even a change of job. Millions of people use LinkedIn and more add themselves to the site every day. Businesses can see what you look like and what you have achieved in your professional life.



Your skills can be matched to their job opportunity, and you can be contacted easily if you are suitable. Connections can be made with people you already know.


People you may want to work with in the future can also be great professional connections.


Benefits include:

  • LinkedIn has extensive job listings. 

  • Receive (and give) endorsements and testimonials. 

  • Make important business connections. 

  • Join professional groups that include like‐minded people. 

  • Reach out to the people who are viewing your profile. 

  • Introduce others to your books, websites, blogs, and more.

Our LinkedIn™ writing service will help greatly improve the way your online profile is represented, displayed in the best possible manner, with the highest standards of credibility, trustworthiness, and professionalism.


We will make sure that the right keywords are in place and also write up a professional summary that helps to grab the readers attention. 

What kind of courses can I do?


LinkedIn allows you to learn new skills that can help you improve your learning and professional development.

You can complete a range of short courses in:


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