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CV and Cover Letter Writing Service

Professionally tailored. Expertly Worded. Designed to market you.

Applying for work won't be the same anymore.

Are you actively applying for jobs or interested in moving on to new employment?


Your resume and cover letter are the most important tools that you have to get noticed by a prospective employer. In fact, according to the New York Times, it is very important for your application to be succinct.


We will professionally write for you a tailored and personalised CV and cover letter that stand out, helping you to apply with more confidence.

You only have a few minutes to grab the employer's attention. You want to make sure that time counts so they continue reading. 


From drab

to fab.

We take any CV and turn it into something that grabs attention.

We provide a professional and highly-detailed service where we will write and design for you a new and expertly worded resume and covering letter that complement each other in the way they read and present on paper. 


Your resume will be tailored to the type of work and industry you are seeking employment in. We take the time to research what employers are looking for, then build up and expand further on your existing abilities and the transferable skills that you have to offer. 

Once we have finished writing your new resume and cover letter, we then send the documents to you for your review. After your review, we then make any necessary changes or additions as per your feedback. We allow for one major review. 


The team excelled and I am one very very very happy client. I will be recommending others to utilise this company for their CV and profiles to have the best chance they can to move forwards in the workplace joy.




"Matthew is the resume writing legend. What a champion. He works in a very professional, specialised and detailed manner. When I first took on board his service it was not what I expected. I now know why people pay to get their resume done. The resume that he writes really sells the person and promotes their skills, bringing out their best qualities. It’s like reading a story – it delivers well and flows perfectly... I have no hesitation in recommending their resume writing service"


Zig F, 

Pacific Components

Employers are even impressed.

Our clients have received great feedback from employers and recruiters on how their CV and cover letter read.

All industries.

Every profession

and trade.


  • Administration and Office Support

  • Retail

  • Primary/Secondary and Tertiary Education

  • Healthcare: Nursing and Midwifery

  • Accounting

  • HR and Recruitment

  • CEO and General Management

  • Advertising, Arts and Media

  • Banking and Financial Services

  • Transport and Logistics

  • Education and Training

  • Mining and Resources.

  • Call Centre and Customer Service

  • Engineering

  • Manufacturing

  • Government and Defence

  • Hospitality and Tourism

  • Trades: Plumbing/Construction/Electrical, etc.

  • Legal

  • Real Estate

Complement your CV with a great cover letter.

If there is a particular role that you want to apply for, let us know and we can tailor your cover letter for it. Alternatively, we can write for you a more general letter.

cover letter is an essential aspect of the job application process and can be the difference between your resume being discarded and obtaining an interview.


We will make sure that your cover letter is in sync with your resume. If there is a particular position that you are interested in applying for, we can tailor your cover letter for that role. In doing so, we will tie your experience to the role requirements.

With our help, you'll be able to apply with confidence.

The work that we do in designing, structuring and writing your resume is for immediate impact. Our goal in writing your resume and cover letter is to make sure that the recruitment consultant or hiring manager continues to read on and are interested in what they are learning about you.


So don’t risk having your CV thrown out because it failed to impress. We will write and design you a professionally written resume and cover letter that will help make you stand out with an eye-catching design and punchy content! Apply for Government jobs with renewed confidence.

We have extensive experience in writing resumes for clients from many different types of professions and trades. We have assisted clients in moving from one industry to another, by expanding on their transferable skills.


As resume writers, we have helped tradespeople move into the police force and teachers transition out of education and into the corporate sector. For information on how to make a career change, an article by Matthew Coppola about writing a cover letter for a career change is a worthwhile read.


If there is an industry that we are unsure about, we will research what employers are looking for in that industry and then tailor your resume accordingly to suit. 


In the process of writing your resume, we will first go about understanding the industry requirements, job requirements and selection criteria as stipulated typical job advertisement both from roles that you have held and from positions that you are interested in applying for. 


We will also write a captivating summary at the beginning of your resume which will be creatively written. This is your selling spiel.

A simple process.

From start

to finish.

Initial consultation

We make initial contact with you.


We then ask if you can send us your existing resume and any supporting documentation, along with a couple of links to jobs on that you wish to apply for.



Full payment will need to be made upfront.


Depending on the current workload, we usually ask for around 3 – 4 working days to have the final drafts back and ready for your review.


Delivery and Revision

We will send the documents to you for your review and to see if you would like any changes or additions made.



Convenient packages. Simple pricing.

For details of our pricing structure and the range of packages we provide, please click on the link for further information.


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