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Staff member receiving outplacement services from Client Centric


Outplacement Services

Terminating employment can be a stressful time for both management and the staff member dismissed. So it is important to make this process smooth. That's where we come in.

Maintain employee morale during tough times.

Are you concerned about the potential adverse effects on employee morale after redundancies are made? What damage can your staff do to your company if they leave disgruntled?


We can help ease this transition by providing your employees with tailored employment assistance to help give them a head start in applying for another job.

Dismissing an employee is not an easy thing to do, particularly when times get hard. Even taking a redundancy can be a very difficult choice to make for an employee, especially when it is taken voluntarily.  


What if you really want to keep a certain level of staff, but financially your company or organisation is not able to?


Or what if you let go of an employee and...


  • They leave disgruntled and bitter? 

  • They go to your competition and tell them about your company's operations?

  • They put your company's name into disrepute on the internet?


You can support your employees make a successful transition to new employment. We will work with you to approach this transitioning process in a highly professional manner, while still maintaining an empathetic and caring nature when communicating with your retrenched staff. 

Our outplacement service is designed to soften the transition your employees will make after leaving your company and moving over to the next stage of their career.


Taking care of your staff during this critical time communicates to them as well as your customers and existing staff, that you are a compassionate and dignified employer, and it creates positive word of mouth feedback, lessening any negative publicity.  


Our goal is to work with you to implement the transition process, making sure that it matches with your organisation’s cultural values, reducing risks linked with structural change and hence shielding your name and brand from being tarnished.

Happy staff member after receiving outplacement services
Feedback from companies who have used outplacement services
They work in a very professional, specialised and detailed manner...The resume that they write really sells the person and promotes their skills, bringing out their best qualities. It’s like reading a story – it delivers well and flows perfectly... I have no hesitation in recommending their resume writing service.


                                   Zig, Pacific Components

Equip your people with the best tools to apply for work with.

Brand New CV
A personalised and tailored CV designed to make an impression and market their skills and experience.

Cover Letter
An informative, engaging and tailored cover letter that they can use and adapt for each job applied.

Client Centric Outplacement Services
Resume example | Outplcemet Services
Professional letter written by Client Centric

Interview Coaching
We'll teach them how to interview well and confidently answer general and behavioural type questions.

Employee receiving career coaching and support

An hour and a half interview coaching session conducted via Zoom.

  • Coaching and mentoring individuals to understand their transferable skills, interests and the strengths that they bring with them to a new employer.

  • Learning how to market themselves in the interview.

  • Mock interview - going through standard and behavioural type questions.

  • Tips and suggestion on best practice in applying for jobs online and in person, via cold calling prospective employers.

  • Ways to improve confidence in the interview.

  • Insight into the current labour market and what employers are looking for making their hiring decision.

Key Selection Criteria Writing
We'll help address the key selection criteria for a position which requests it to be done.

Example Criteria letter by Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions

Tailored and professionally written responses to key selection criteria.

Every selection criteria that we write will be personalised and tailored based upon their experience, tying it back to the responsibilities of the position.


We use appropriate keywords and concrete answers that accurately respond to the question and help to demonstrate their suitability in performing the role.  We also use the STAR method.


When addressing the key selection criteria, our responses are maximum half a page long. 


We conduct extensive research by going through the position description and deciphering what the employer is looking for, as well as what is involved in the role.


We try to incorporate keywords used in the job description and include it where appropriate when writing up each response. 

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