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Why is Being Positive and Uplifting a Good Trait for a Team Leader?

When you think of a good team leader or an effective manager, what comes to mind?

Is it someone who caves in to pressure, is demanding and unreasonable? Or is it someone who is positive, uplifting, upbuilding and engaging?

Well, most likely if given the choice, most people would prefer a manager who upbuilds them. Gives them praise where due and encouragement to persevere, even when faced with critical challenges.

Positivity is a desirable trait because it is optimistic and forward-thinking. Most people are drawn to leaders who are optimistic about the future and don't dwell on the negativity. Being positive in the workplace when discussing matters with colleagues will not only make you feel happier as a person but it will also help make others feel better and good at work.

A team leader uplifts others by celebrating their successes and giving regular and ongoing praise and encouragement.

There are going to be times when an employee's performance is average. And there are going to be times when an employee performs exceptionally well. No matter what stage the employee is at with their performance, it's vital that a manager still give praise and encouragement.

An employee shouldn't be made to feel like unless they are doing well at work, they won't be given praise.

So to answer the question: "Why is Being Positive and Uplifting a Good Trait for a Team Leader?" the answer is because it helps to foster happiness, motivation and job satisfaction in the workplace. The words and actions of a team leader does have an effect on staff. Because of this, it's best to be positive, not negative in the workplace. Think of other people and how they feel.


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