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The benefits to a job seeker having a profile on LinkedIn

One of the great services that we provide for job seekers is by professionally revamping their LinkedIn profiles via our LinkedIn profile writing service.

But you may be wondering why you should have a LinkedIn profile. Well, let me discuss some of the benefits to having a profile set up:

You can find people you know and connect with other professionals in your industry.

By connecting with LinkedIn and creating a profile, you have the opportunity to join a professional community which will connect you with hundreds, if not, thousands of other likeminded professionals who are usually interested in what you are interested in a career sense.

Personally, i'm not a big fan of social media. There is nothing best then having a face to face conversation with an individual or group of individuals.

But this is not always possible. Which is why LinkedIn is great for messaging others and joining in group discussions just like you would for any other social media platform.

You can search for a suitable job.

LinkedIn has the facility for companies to post up jobs online. Which means that you can apply for jobs via LinkedIn and use your profile as a separate resume for them to look at and research what your background is.

Sure, there are plenty of other job network sites out there, but there is nothing better than applying for jobs through LinkedIn because your profile can complement your application.

You can learn a new skill.

As professionals, we are constantly learning, trying to improve and grow in learning a professional development.

LinkedIn allows you to learn some valuable skills that will help you as a professional. LinkedIn offers hundreds of courses in a diverse range of areas, including in training, IT help desk work, career development, finance and leadership.

Why not get started today with a new course? The possibilities are endless!


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