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How To Drop Off a Resume In-Person

Dropping off a resume in person used to be the norm in job hunting, so does that make it old school and irrelevant today?

Today, online job portals are more popular, both for employers, who can mass-advertise and select resumes quickly, as well as employees, as it offers a fast and easy way to reach multiple employers simultaneously. However, personal delivery has the potential to set you apart from your competition.

You can also drop your resume off at a business that is local even if they are not advertising for a role, as they could be planning a need for another employee in the future.

Choose the right time to do this as every business has a slow time and a busy time, so use common sense to direct your timing. Be prepared that you’re going to interact with someone in the organisation, so it’s in your best interest to be professionally dressed and a well-presented resume.

Remember, if you submit your application early, it will likely have more time spent on reading it. But submitting first is not vital; it is essential to make sure the documents are easy to read. As we all wonder, what is an employer looking for when they read my resume?

Be engaging and professional, introduce yourself when you walk into the business by extending a hand and saying your name. Don’t make the mistake of only being kind to the manager because front desk clerks, receptionists and even other employees may weigh in on you. Be kind and gracious to everyone you meet.

The objective of dropping off a resume in person, rather than sending it by mail, is that you want to make a personal connection and give yourself an edge.



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