8 Robust Ways Sales and Marketing Can Work Together

Sales and marketing staff collaborating with eachother
Sales and marketing staff working well together.

When sales and marketing work together, metrics soar, costs decrease, and life cycles are more concise. In fact, sales and marketing alignment can lead to 38% higher sales win rates. Conversely, it’s estimated that poor alignment can cost organisations 10% or more of annual revenue.

As quoted by Jill Rowley, who said it best;

“Marketing needs to know more about sales. Sales needs to know more about marketing. We all need to align better around, with, for, and to the customer.”

Here are the eight ways sales and marketing should be working together.

1. Break down barriers with the right hires

Bridging the divide between the two departments starts with who you hire.

Try looking for candidates that have worked in both sales and marketing roles. Look at your recruitment process and add a few questions that force the candidates to talk about their experience working with both teams. Ideal teammates speak both languages and empathise with their respective challenges.

The sales team should work hard to collaborate on and share the content marketing puts together. And vice versa, our marketers rely on input from sales on nearly every project. Injecting their opinions from the front lines strengthens the tone, use, and reach of our content.

Perhaps when creating a job advertisement, include a selection criteria which asks for the ability to collaborate with sales and marketing. You can also use this as one of your interview questions.