How Your Capability Statement Helps with Marketing

An essential marketing tool for many companies is the ‘capability statement’. These are often distributed digitally by business development and sales teams, as well as a printed leave-behind following meeting with prospects. Capability statement design is all-important because, in the hierarchy of collateral, this is one document that must leave a professional impression.

Here are some tips on how a capability statement should be designed and provide you with an understanding of how it is a handy marketing tool.

Design with your audience in mind

Given how vital your target audience is, it is essential that your capability statement puts your best foot forward. The level of skill with which your capability statement is designed will leave an impression.

A poorly executed, sloppy design will say something about your business that you would probably rather it didn’t. If you are delivering a professional service or merely want to be perceived as professional, this will need to filter down to your design and how you present information.

Create content that people will want to read

You might own or work for a company that is highly capable with an in-depth level of expertise. The one thing in your business might be to itemise everything you deliver for your clients. As commendable as that is, resist the urge to make your capability statement long-winded and overly technical.

We all know attention spans are decreasing. Presenting a prospect with an exhaustive 24-page document that reads like a technical manual probably isn’t going to produce the desired result. There’s a time and a place for detailed service offerings and demonstrating your technological know-how concerning specific client scenarios.