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Capability Statements for the Building and Construction Sector

Construction companies need a capability statement
To secure more construction work, you'll likely need a great capability statement

We believe that every Australian construction company, no matter their size, should have a capability statement on file to present to potential clients.

According to recent forecasted estimates by the Australian Construction Industry Forum, the Australian construction industry is projected to grow by 2.7%, bringing the level of building and construction work up to $243 billion in 2021. Indeed, we expect significant recovery for this valuable, essential and vital industry that we all rely on to enjoy new homes, infrastructure and facilities critical for daily living and working.

For this very reason, having a capability statement is more important than ever if you want to grow your business, and secure more work in building and construction.

Developers, Government departments, and private residential and commercial clientele can benefit from seeing a company's capability statement. The statement gives them peace of mind that your construction firm can take on their building project no matter how big it is.

The statement also assures the customer that your company is more than capable of sustaining large projects and has the resources, skill and capabilities to take on multiple large projects at any given time.

Moreover, including a list of past completed projects says to the prospective client that you can comfortably take on their work given your experience working on everything from apartments to townhouses to office buildings and extensive infrastructure.

Building and construction capability statement example
Front page of a capability statement for a construction firm

Here at ClientCentric, we have years of experience at writing and designing awesome capability statements that work to promote and sell companies from all different industries, in particular the construction industry.

We have worked with small to large construction companies, developers, electrical and plumbing trades and contractors to write and design for them a compelling, intuitive and attractive capability statement that works to sell.

For example, in June 2021 IronForge enlisted ClientCentric for our capability statement writing and design service to craft for them an attention-grabbing and informative statement.

IronForge wanted a capability statement that would complement their existing marketing collateral and also be used to secure new business.

They wanted something that was modern, easy to read and attractive. And that's exactly what we delivered.

Design and feel of a capability statement for a construction firm
Such a simple and elegant design.

After multiple consultations, resource and information gathering, preparation, writing and designing, then final review, in the span of a couple of weeks we created for IronForge a 12-page capability statement that they could be proud to show off to prospective clientele.

Although IronForge provided us with some content and material to work with, our skilful team of writers did all the professional copywriting by carefully crafted compelling content including all the marketing spiels and wording.

It is one of many examples of capability statements that we have created for our clients in the building and construction industry.

If you want more information on putting together a beautiful yet powerfully written capability statement for your construction company, reach out to us by calling or visiting our website or submitting your details online. One of our friendly team members will be in touch very soon.


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