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Capability Statements for Security Companies

Companies in the security industry, such as patrol firms, IT security services, business that provide and install facility security technologies as well as personal security firms, will all likely at some stage require a capability statement if they want to secure new business, grow their revenue stream and expand their market share.

A capability statement has many uses.

You have limitless options in what you use a capability statement for. Capability statements can be used by companies of all sizes, from small businesses to large organisations across all industries, including construction, mining, healthcare and so forth.

When tendering, organisations respond to invitations for other government departments to submit a proposal or bid to provide goods and/or services. You may consider using a capability statement as part of your tender application.

Moreover, you can also use a capability statement to partner up with other organisations who provide complementary goods and services. These organisations will want to know more about your company, how you work and what you have to offer. It's an informative, engaging and persuasive way to gain new business relationships.

If you own a business in the security industry, you may be wondering what you could use your capability statement for. Many of our clients who we work with here at ClientCentric use their capability statement not only when tendering for new business, but also to complement their existing marketing materials which they use for prospective clients.

Our experience creating capability statements for the Security industry.

Our company, ClientCentric, specialises in writing and designing capability statements for our clients across a diverse range of industries. These statements work to engage, attract and inform their readers and persuade them to pursue the products and/or services of that company.

Capability statement security industry
The back page of a capability statement for a security firm

In 2020, ClientCentric were engaged by Nisbet Security Systems to write and design for them a compelling and engaging capability statement to help highlight who they are, what they do and why do business with them.

After a couple of weeks, ClientCentric crafted an original and uniquely written and designed capability statement that Nisbet Security Systems could be proud of. We also helped come up with the marketing spiels and wording, including the caption: "We Get The Job Done".

Example design security company capability statement

This professional and reputable security firm were very pleased with their statement and we were very proud to have the opportunity to create their capability statement.

For more information on how we can create a capability statement for your security company, get in touch with us by visiting our contact us page online at

The capability statements that we write and design are at a minimum 4-pages long. Most of the statements that we create are around 10 pages. But every company and organisation is different.

The length of a capability statement is really dependent on the needs of the business.


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