LinkedIn profile writing service for Business


LinkedIn Profile Writing Service for Business

Network. Engage. Promote.

With so many professionals online, opportunities abound.

Allow us to revamp the profiles of your employees and your company page.

Having a presence on a professional social media platform such as LinkedInTM is a great way to get noticed by hundreds of potential customers.


Not only can you network more effectively with other professionals in your industry but also expand your influence and get your company name out there.

Join one of the world's largest social media networking site for professionals. 


 Promoting the activities and successes of your business on social media platforms is a great way to be heard and known. 


There's so much you can do on LinkedIn.

  • Build credibility

  • Create an important network

  • Promote your brand

  • Highlight your products and/or services

  • Connect with existing and potential customers

  • Find and attract new staff

  • Engage with people


What's in it for your employees?

Some of the work that is involved in writing employee and company LinkedInTM profiles includes:


  • Following industry-relevant groups and companies.

  • Details from your staff's resume transposed to LinkedIn.

  • Current staff job responsibilities will be highlighted.

  • Education and achievements will be added.

  • Keywords will be included for greater visibility and search.

  • Initial establishment and setting up an online profile.

  • Updating career summary and employment history.

  • Updating and promoting their expertise and skills.

  • Detailing your company's specialities and expertise.

  • Adding contact details and updating past employment history.

  • Writing a selling spiel under 'summary' for each staff member.


What's in it for your company?

Have you considered what reputation your staff give online? Does this reflect your company? LinkedInTM is a great way for employees to promote your company and network with potential clients and industry professionals. 

When a potential client or employee researches your company on Google, what will they learn?

Do you want to control better what other companies and industry professionals find out about your company, what you do and the calibre of staff that you hire?

Our LinkedIn writing service* can help improve the way your business is represented, placing your company and staff on display in the best possible manner, with the highest standards of credibility, trustworthiness and professionalism attached.


LinkedIn is a professional networking website where people link with their co-workers past and present, join like-minded industry professionals to converse, share, and learn from industry specialists around the globe and keep up to date with organisational developments and changes.


It's also an excellent way for companies to source talent and for job seekers to research potential employers. 

*Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions is not affiliated with LinkedInTM.

Our contact with yourself and your staff is by phone and email, helping to ensure the least amount of disruption to your business activities.


Our services include:


>  A revamp of your team's individual LinkedIn profiles to make sure that they professionally represent your company, and their skills/experience are listed and detailed, including industry-specific keywords.

> Creation of a new business page,  including writing a selling spiel that effectively markets your business and describing your products or services and highlighting your business' point of difference.


We welcome any extra information that you would like to provide to better assist us in learning more about your company. To write the individual LinkedIn profiles, we do ask for a copy of their CV as well as information on their current role and what they do.


We will also need their LinkedInTM login and password details. These will be secure with us and deleted after we provide our services. 

Now to a portfolio of some of our great work in revamping profiles for businesses:

Adelaide Insurance Builders provides services to the Housing Insurance sector and handle a range of services from small "patch and paint" claims up to and including major works, such as fire damage.


We assisted with redesigning their company LinkedIn page and the profile page for their company director. 

Intercraft Flooring Group is a leading provider of commercial and Government flooring solutions, bringing with them over 40 years of dealing personally and professionally with their clients and providing high quality, non-disruptive professional services.


We helped Intercraft Flooring Group have a stronger online presence by professionally creating their staff new LinkedIn profiles and a company profile page. We have also helped with their online marketing by creating and uploading newly published articles based on case studies of their previous and past work.

Cath Logo.jpeg
Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 11.34.20

Cath Guerrieri | Holistic Hypnotherapy, Counselling and Life Coaching

Cath integrates spiritual wisdom, therapeutic knowledge, and energetic mastery to empower people to master their life.

We professionally revamp her LinkedIn profile and create for her a complete business page on LinkedIn with an added showcase page.

Her business page included:


  • Industry

  • Business size

  • Website URL

  • Description

  • Logo

  • Street Address

  • Custom button

  • First post

  • Hashtags

  • Showcase page to a primary service offering

Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 11.34.51
Screen Shot 2020-12-10 at 11.33.54

The feedback from our clients says it all.

Thanks so much for a great job on my Linkedin Profile.  Very happy with the end result and your professionalism at all times.

Thanks again for a wonderful job. I would highly recommend you to my family and friends.


Joceyln, Administration


Everything looks fantastic, thank you so much for your efforts. I really appreciate the time you have taken to ensure my profile accurately reflects my personal brand and will be sure to recommend your service within my network.


John, Management


Some frequently asked questions.

What kind of courses can my staff do?


LinkedIn allows you to learn new skills that can help you improve your learning and professional development.

You can complete a range of short courses in:



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