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Why Do Sales People Struggle With Administration Work?

Most business professionals and salespeople are incapable of coping with administrative duties. This part of the gig usually makes up 30% of a salesperson’s role; however, some positions may require more time depending on the industry and the level of compliance required.

Even though this is a shortfall for most people in sales, it needs to be done and sadly will not go away. There are sales roles out there that do not require much administrative work, just as long as you can talk the talk, you will be fine. However, there are some jobs which require more of your working week dedicated to administrative duties. These can include positions in semi-Government companies and roles where everything needs to be documented, and compliance is everything.

If you find yourself in a sales role where you are struggling with the amount of administrative work required; it is best to resign and find another position where you can sell and build business relationships more and still be on top your small amount of admin work.


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