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How To Write A Cover Letter That Addresses The Selection Criteria

Do you need to address a set of key selection criteria within your cover letter, but don't know where to start? In the following post, I will explain how to appropriately incorporate your responses to the key selection within your cover letter.

Make sure that your cover letter has an introduction and a conclusion.

Write up the cover letter as you normally would for any other job. Generally speaking, most cover letters are just a page long. However, because you need to address selection criteria within your cover letter, likely it will go over to two or more pages.

So, with any cover letter, make sure that your letter has all the primary details (address, employer name, your name, date, etc.) plus an introduction and a conclusion.

List out the selection criteria and respond underneath each point.

Nicely structure your letter addressing the selection criteria with headings for each criterion.

After you've done that, you can then write responses for each point listed.


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