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"Remember that someone has to sit down and read your selection criteria responses. Make sure that the paragraphs are not too long and are easy to read"

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"Complement your application with a CV that really sells and markets your full skills and experience"

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Relax. We got this.

We're specialists in crafting expertly worded responses.

It doesn't matter what your profession or industry is, we have the experience and expertise to address the key selection criteria.

So, you have come across a role which asks for you to address a set of key selection criteria. Not sure where to start? That's where we come in.

Here at Client Centric, we specialise in composing compelling and informative responses to key selection criteria. Each response is usually around 300 - 350 words.

We use the S.A.O (Situation, Action, Outcome) method and approach when incorporating examples. We also tie your experience to the role, and write up a brief introduction and concluding remark to each response.


We appreciate how vital it is that a prospective employer gives ample reading time to your responses. We know that recruiters may receive hundreds of skimming through hundreds of applications, looking for the right candidate to add to the shortlist pile. 



A well-written response show care and respect in a job seeker's application. Employers notice when applicants take the time to prepare and submit their application. An employer/recruiter will read each response. And they will consider your suitability carefully for the role. 


Remember that you can always use the responses again and again for future applications. You may need to make slight tweaks.


For each criterion, we aim to include at least 1 – 2 concrete examples that demonstrate your aptitude in that given area and shows you can do what they are after. Please note that we cannot guarantee any outcomes from our work.



You can always reuse the letter addressing the selection criteria that we write for you again. But make sure you tweak the answers to suit. 


Each response will be personalised to you. We'll make sure also to include the right keywords and tie your experience back to the role. We usually stick to a word limit of around 300 - 350 words or more. Significant responses that require 500 words or more will incur an additional fee. 


We try to follow the 'SAO' approach when writing out a response by addressing the "Situation"; "Action" and "Approach". Each answer is also structured to have an introduction, body, and conclusion, which then ties everything neatly in a readable and understandable manner. 



We'll ask for a copy of your resume, details of the role and any working examples we can use in addressing each criterion.



Demonstrated ability to deliver innovative policy and legislation solutions and to solve complex policy matters and demonstrated experience in policy analysis, development and evaluation.


For the majority of my career working in support of youth participation in the workforce, it has been imperative that I maintain a sound knowledge of relevant legislation and policy when providing guidance to customers and key stakeholders.


I possess an in-depth knowledge of the Community Opportunities Plan which was developed to strengthen procurement policies and maximise youth employment opportunities.


I have actively participated in the recruitment process of youth in many of my roles and continue to remain committed to delivering innovative policy solutions to solve complex policy matters. I am adept in policy analysis and in the development and implementation of key planning strategies and I have gained an extensive knowledge of legislation surrounding Equal Opportunity, Workplace Occupational Health & Safety, and the Disability Discrimination Act.


The above-mentioned skills can be demonstrated by my role as Acting Coordinator of Youth Mentorship and Learning Programs and Acting Business Development Consultant. Within this role, I was required to assist and support the Manager with the implementation of the various programs through actively engaging in strategic and tactical planning to ensure increased participation and retention of students in the workforce was achieved and enhanced.

Given my experience, I am confident of my ability to perform this role well in delivering innovative policy and legislation solutions, all the while solving complex policy matters too as I have demonstrated consistently throughout my career to date.


How we address selection criteria when the job description is uninformative.

Addressing selection criteria can be a challenge, which makes it trickier when you are dealing with a job description that is not informative, clear, or straightforward.


The best thing you can do is work with what you have and draw out what you can from the description. You could also contact the person listed in charge of the role and ask them more about what is involved while taking notes.


Another option is looking at other job descriptions for similar positions.

How we use the STAR method when addressing key selection criteria.

The STAR method is a technique that is used when implementing an example into your selection criteria response.


We start with the Situation present an example or achievement you were in and briefly explain the context. Next the Task, what did you need to do or were trying to accomplish? Action, what exactly did you end up doing? Then the Result, what was the outcome?


If positive, we explain the benefits and if negative, explain what your resolution was.


Initial consultation

We make initial contact with you by phone/email for a brief discussion.



We then ask if you can send us your existing resume along with a copy of the role description and (if at all possible) a copy of your current job description. We will then email you which examples we need to assist us in addressing each key selection criteria.



Once we have all the information we need we can proceed, but if there is anything else we need to know in the course of working on your criteria, we will send you an email.



Full payment will need to be made upfront prior to us commencing work.

We generally ask for a turn around time of about 3 working days for us to address the criteria. This may change at any time and depends on our current workload.



Once the key selection criteria are completed, we will then send it to you for your review. We will ask you to thoroughly read over each response. 



Once you have made your review, we will then make any changes or additions as required by you. We allow for one major review.


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We create solutions for jobseekers and businesses to get ahead and stand out in an ultra-competitive world.

Be empowered.


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