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How to Address Selection Criteria on Organisational Skills

Most positions these days request candidates to address key selection criteria.

One of the most common criterion used by employers and recruiters alike is organisational skills.

But, what exactly are organisational skills and how can you address this as a response to the key selection criteria? Good question.

Let me answer this by firstly defining what key selection criteria are.

Key selection criteria are a set of criteria, questions or statements that define the skills and experience required by the successful candidate, while also asking them to demonstrate in the form of past examples how they meet the key selection criterion.

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The next question you may be asking then is, what exactly are organisational skills and why do I need to have them?

Organisational skills are your abilities to organise, prioritise, coordinate, allocate and manage your time, resources and capabilities effectively to get things accomplished in a timely and orderly manner.

An organised person prides themselves as someone who lives and works in a clean, structured and orderly manner. They know where things are and everything that they have and do is well organised and put in its proper place.

On the other hand, a disorganised person is distracted, tardy and always late for appointments and getting things done. Most of the time, people are not necessarily disorganised, but rather feel overwhelmed with lots of things to do that they don't organise themselves properly.

So, the next question then is, how do I address a selection criteria on organisational skills?

You need to use examples that demonstrate your ability to organise your time and resources to effectively accomplish what you need to get done.

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