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Tasmania Key Selection Criteria Writer



Key Selection Criteria Writing Service

Personalised responses that tie your experience to the role

We'll worry about responding to the key selection criteria.

So you don't have to.

Is there a position that you would like to apply for that asks you to address a set of key selection criteria or write up a statement of claims?

Finally, you can apply for that job without the frustration and stress of having to write up tailored responses based on your experience and skills. 

We can take care of the application for you by writing articulate and coherent responses that are tailored to the role and personalised for you. Here at Client Centric, our team are experts at writing concrete responses to key selection criteria. 

By enlisting our help, you can expect to receive tailored and individualised responses that are unique and concise, straight to the point. We will also incorporate your experience and demonstrate how it relates to the requirements of the role.


Employers are impressed when candidates take the time to write out responses to demonstrate their suitability for the role. It shows interest and keenness in the position. It also helps the employer make the decision on whether or not to interview you. Your application will demonstrate your suitability for the position.


Key selection criteria are mainly used in the Tasmanian public sector by government agencies at all levels including local, state and federal government in Tasmania. Candidates who write good responses are usually the first ones to be considered.

Asking candidates to address a set of key selection criteria is becoming more common as part of the job application process. It's important to have detailed responses.


Many Tasmanian employers in a diverse range of fields, from education to healthcare, to Government and the community services sector, like to use selection criteria. As they can attract and obtain the right talent.  

For most job seekers searching for suitable employment, having to address a set of criteria can be daunting. Many find it hard to sell themselves and write about their skills. 

Provide us with a copy of your CV and the position description. We will then ask for suitable working examples to incorporate in the selection criteria before commencing.

Suppose there is a particular selection criterion that you don't meet. In that case, we can still address it for you by outlining any relevant and transferrable experience and skills that are similar to that criteria.


Alternatively, we can write about what you do know and that you are willing to learn and further your experience and knowledge in that area.

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