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Why You Should Tailor Your Generic CV

I have written in the past on how you should tailor your generic CV. In this article, I'll explain exactly why you should tailor your generic CV.

Generic resumes can be handy when you are applying for multiple jobs that are different roles; however, it will not set you apart from other the other applicants. So, when you need to apply for many positions, put effort into tailoring your resume and cover letter to fit each company.

Here are some reasons why you should customise your CV instead of handing a generic one to future employers.

1. Inform employers of your qualifications.

Employers and recruiters only spend minimal time to look at your resume and determine if you are qualified or not. Your resume needs to connect the dots between your skills and the demands of the role.

2. Makes you stand out from other applicants.

Advertised jobs receive hundreds of applications, so a generic CV is just going to get lost and most likely not make the cut. Once you tailor your resume to your target job, it will be an instant win for you. Ever wondered what makes a good resume stand out? Here's the answer.

3. Shows your genuine interest in the position.

A lot of candidates just click apply for the job without really reading what the job requires, and employers are over resumes that are wasting their time. Tailoring your CV will show them you are eager and demonstrates your interest in the role. And if you've just left school, here are some tips on how to get your first job after leaving high school.

4. It makes sure the right keywords are there for the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Due to the high volume of applications, recruiters now use an ATS to help with picking the right candidate. This screening method looks for keywords in your CV. With a generic resume that doesn’t contain vital keywords, you may have a hard time getting phone calls for a job interview invite. Remember too, that you must proof-read your application before sending it off.

5. It displays your business and technology skills.

Employers want workers who know how to use technology for business. A generic CV could make you look as though you have a lack of knowledge with simple software and technology. Also, the advertised role may require you to know specific programs and software, and if this is not tailored in your resume, chances are your will not be shortlisted.


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