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How to Tailor a Generic CV

Tailoring your CV does not mean that you have to re-write your whole resume for every position that you apply for. It involves writing more useful information that applies to the job itself.

Here are some tips on how to improve your resume and make it more personal.

1. Specify which role you aim to fill.

Your resume needs to contain a specific career label, a word or phrase that tells the job title you want to grab; a generic CV is going to lack this.

2. Match the job description with your skills.

Read the job descriptions carefully to know or get hints which words to use in your resume to strengthen your chances of passing the ATS. Especially if you have taken a career break.

3. Align your profile summary with the career label.

Below the target job title should be the summary section that would describe you as a professional for the position. Describe yourself, with strong adjectives to start each sentence in your paragraph. Most importantly, make sure your CV is easy to read.

4. Spread the keywords.

A resume filled with keywords is good just don’t overdo it. To convince the hiring manager of your worth, put your keywords in three major sections: profile summary, core competencies or strengths, and work experience. If you need help writing a great CV, contact Client Centric - specialists in writing tailored and professional CVs.

More powerful than a generic resume, a tailored resume is the surest way to attract hiring managers. It tells your future employer you’re the best candidate for the job.


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