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How Can I Get Hired After A Career Break?

There are circumstances in life that can cause us to have a career break, but you want to return back to the workforce.

Getting a job can already be intimidating, but it can be even more unsettling once you have taken a break from work.

The reasons for this can be because you are anxious about starting a new job or feel you are a little rusty with your skills or are unsure about the way workplaces are, as they have changed since you last had a job.

Here are some tips to help increase your chances of getting hired:

1. Assess your situation; you want to be sure of what job you are going for and what may have been suitable prior, may not be ideal for you now.

2. Update your CV including your career break; a gap in your career can be positive and optimistically separate you from other candidates, for example, you have probably gained new skills during this period and are beneficial for this job. Utilise the services of a professional resume writer.

3. Network; use your existing connections as a helping hand for finding your next job. They could have the perfect position for you or support your job applications. LinkedIn is a great place to start for this.

4. Prepare for your interview; being prepared with answers to general interview questions will help with having a clear response and give you more confidence.

5. Be confident; remaining confident and demonstrating your confidence in your abilities is most important with returning to work.



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