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How Important is a Cover Letter to a Recruiter?

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Recruiters all over Australia appreciate it when candidates take the time to prepare a cover letter for the job that they're apply for.

It demonstrates to the recruiter that the candidate is keen, interested and eager to be considered. In the recruiter's mind, if a candidate is willing to take the time to prepare a cover letter for that job.

From the perspective of a recruiter, one thing that is truly frustrating is seeing applications from candidates without a cover letter. Or, if they have attached a cover letter, it's either completely irrelevant to the role, incomplete or not even tailored to the role that they're applying.

Next time you apply for a job, remember that it can make a world of difference by taking the time to prepare and tailor a cover letter. It will impress the recruiter and show that you really care and want to genuinely be considered for employment.

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