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Why it's vital to proofread your job application before sending off

When applying for work, we only have one best shot at it. It's not like we send off application documents for a job, only to find out that it wasn't good enough and encouraged to submit it again. No, we only have one chance.

We write out the cover letter and resume, but it doesn't stop there. We then need to proofread the documents to check for accurate grammar and punctuation. And it's not just a once-off off process. It's a continual process of editing and revising the documents for accuracy and coherence.

As a CV writer, I always check over documents twice, sometimes three-times over, to make sure they sound right and read well. It's embarrassing if an employer notices spelling errors and inconsistencies in your resume and cover letter. Not only can it come across that your English writing skills are not the best, but they may also perceive this as a lack of interest and tardiness.

A CV and cover letter that is both well written, legible and concise can make a great impression on an employer. It shows a sense of pride and thoroughness. It also shows that the candidate can write well, especially if the position requires this.

If you are preparing your CV and cover letter, I have a few suggestions that you may like to consider:

Take a break every so often.

I find it hard to stare at a screen for long periods at a time. You can make minor mistakes and so it makes for an excellent idea to take a well-deserved break and then return to the document.

Zoom in on the words and paragraphs.

Make the text large to view on your screen so that you can see word for word and lines of sentences to proof.

Run the documents through a spell checker.

I like to use Grammarly.

Make sure you're not too tired to do the proofreading.

If you're tired, you are going to struggle to pick up on inaccuracies.



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