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What Recruiters Look For in a Job Application

I'm an experienced Recruitment Consultant and I'm here to tell you what recruiters look for in a job applicant.

Next time you apply for a job, consider what the recruitment consultant wants to see in your job application.

Because what you put in your CV and cover letter can make the difference between your application being read, considered and moved to the short list pile for screening or being disregarded and marked as unsuitable. Recruitment agencies can be very tough indeed in their screening!

Here are my top 5 suggestions to make sure you're application get the time and day it deserves from the recruiter:

Properly tailor your cover letter for the job.

Outline specifically why you want that job, why you want to work for their company and what you have to offer by way of skills and experience.

The recruiter wants to see that you have taken the effort and time to apply for the role and that you have what they are looking for in a potentially successful candidate.

Remember, you won't be the first person they will shortlist and you definitely won't be the last. So put your best foot forward so that you get the chance to be interviewed.

Make sure that your CV clearly outlines the relevant skills and experience.

When a recruiter reads your CV, the first thing that they are looking for is that you have the necessary skills and experience needed to do the job. So likely they will look for key words, phrases and information that helps to support their decision to shortlist you.

Include a career goal and professional summary in your CV.

At the start of your CV, you should have a short couple of paragraphs that outline who you are, what you do and what you are looking for in a job. This helps the recruiter better understand what you're looking for and exactly who you are as a professional/tradesperson.

Make sure that your CV and cover letter read well and are grammatically correct.

Always remember that someone has to read your CV and cover letter. So, help make their life easier by ensuring that your documents are free from any grammatical errors and that they read smoothly and clearly.

If the recruiter sees spelling mistakes and when reading your application, it just doesn't make sense, then they are highly unlikely to shortlist you.

If you need to, get your CV and cover letter professionally written by the experts who know what to write and include in job applications.

Make sure that you're contactable.

There have been so many times in my career when I have tried to contact potential applicants only for them to not answer their phone. This is frustrating and because of this, most recruiters won't wait around and will just move on to the next candidate. '

Ensure that your mobile number and email address are all correct and up to date. When you receive a call from a mobile or landline number, be mindful that it could be the recruiter calling you.


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