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What If I Have No Relevant Examples To Use In Addressing Selection Criteria?

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

I recently published an article on about how to overcome the challenge of not having an example to use when addressing selection criteria. As you are aware, here at Client Centric we specialise in writing tailored responses to key selection criteria, so I can confidently say we know a thing or two about selection criteria writing best practice for all positions and industries.

We come across the perfect job. As part of the job application process, we have to address a set of key selection criteria. However, some of the criteria ask for examples. They ask you to demonstrate how and what you can do. But therein lies the challenge of not having the right examples or any examples at all that you can use. So, faced with this dilemma, what can you do?

My suggestion was to use an imaginative situation, a "what-if" scenario to show what you would do should that situation arise. Or, you could highlight your skills and knowledge, and instead of using an example, talk about your familiarity with the criterion.



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