5 INCREDIBLE Examples of GREAT Capability Statements

Updated: May 7

What are the features that make a capability statement engaging? Read on and be inspired with these 5 awesome examples.

A Capability Statement is an essential source of information for all who want to know more about your business, including what your capabilities are, how much experience your company has and why they should engage your products and/or services. For more information about want a capability statement is and what they are used for, feel free to read our article: What Is a Capability Statement and What Are They Used For?

An effective statement is one that works showcases your track record, what is different about your work, your company’s unique value proposition, and who you serve.

The design, written content, and visual elements tell an important story about your company. Remember, not every capability statement is the same.

Client Centric believes that every business should have a capability statement. It doesn't matter how b

ig or small your company is. If you're a company trying to expand, you'll probably need a capability statement.

From small business owners to large conglomerate organisations, every business can benefit from having a capability statement on file for prospective customers and suppliers. Our team have tremendous experience at writing and designing statements for companies in the construction, trades, energy, security, management consulting and asset management industries.

In this article, you’ll learn what makes an exceptional capability statement.

You’ll find five examples of the best capability statements written and designed by Client Centric to inspire your capability statement design and content.

1. Advanced Electrical Equipment

The front page of Advanced Electrical's capability statement

Advanced Electrical Equipment is a West Australian owned electrical supplies company is committed to looking after your electrical projects and jobs from start to finish.

Their capability statement has a unique feel, thanks to the design and style of the document. We based the visual elements around the structure of their logo and made sure each page reflected the markets they served. We also promoted that they have the local knowledge and know-how to assist their customers every step of the way.

2. Nisbet Security Systems

The front page of Nisbet's capability statement

Nisbet Security Systems has been designing, installing and servicing commercial, industrial and domestic security systems for over 20 years.

Their capability statement is concise, clear and easy to read and follow. Every page is informative, and throughout the document are clever uses of marketing spiels like "Your premises secured for peace of mind".

3. Ironforge Constructions Group

Sample image page with caption and spiel for Ironforge

Ironforge Constructions Group is a boutique property development company specialising in sustainable design and construction projects.

When building Ironforge's capability statement, our focus was to keep things simplified and straight to the point, yet be informative and have fantastic design flair and creativity. The result was a beautiful capability statement that we produced.

4. Murphys Remedial Builders

Sample page in Murphy's capability statement which provides a timeline of their history

Since 1989 Murphy Remedial Services have been making a difference in the Building and Construction Industry. From our early days working on roofs they have built an understanding of various trades, particularly those trades that are required to work at heights. This means they can offer a range of solutions for many diverse situations.

Murphy's capability statement is one of our biggest. Most of the pages explain the company and outline its range of professional services. Like Ironforge's statement, we made sure that this statement was informative yet not too wordy.

5. Khan Advisory

The front page of Khan Advisory's capability statement

Khan Advisory provides expert advisory services on regulation, reform and policy development in the energy sector in Australia and the Pacific region.

Our focus when creating this capability statement was to ensure all visual elements and content worked well together. The end result was a highly professional statement.


Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about capability statements:

Do all capability statements look the same?

No. Every capability statement will look and read differently. Most importantly, however, it has to be unique and according to your company's branding style.

I have included five incredible designs of past capability statements written and designed for our clients in this post. Note that these are just sample pages only.

Can I easily write one up?

Yes, certainly. Most companies do. But for businesses that want to stand out and have some excellent marketing material, too, they may decide to outsource the content writing and design work.

Our team at ClientCentric specialise capability writing and designing.

How long should a capability statement be?

It depends on the size of the business and how short you want it to be. So we don't have an exact number of pages to say confidently. Every capability statement is different.

How much does it cost to get a capability statement professionally written and design for my company?

Our fees range from $2000 upwards. The more extensive the statement is, the more that will be involved and the greater the cost.

Can I use a capability statement for business development/marketing purposes?

Yes, you most certainly can.

You don't have to limit your capability statement to just applying for tenders. Your marketing and business development team can use it to secure new business.

If you want more information, feel free to contact ClientCentric today.