• Matthew Coppola

5 INCREDIBLE Examples of GREAT Capability Statements

If you're a company trying to expand in the big wide world, you've likely been asked to provide a capability statement.

What is a capability statement?

A capability statement is an official document that clearly outlines an organisation's capabilities - what they do, who they are and why do business with them.

Do all capability statements look the same?

No. Every capability statement will look and read differently. Most importantly however, it has to be unique and according to your company's branding style.

In this post, I have included 5 incredible designs of past capability statements that we have written and designed for our clients. Note that these are just sample pages only.

Can I easily write one up?

Yes, certainly. Most companies do. But for businesses that want to stand out and have some great marketing material too, they may decide to outsource the content writing and design work.

Our team at ClientCentric specialise capability writing and designing.

How long should a capability statement be?

It depends on the size of the business and how short you want it to be. We don't have an exact number of pages to confidently say. Every capability statement is different.

Can I use a capability statement for business development/marketing purposes?

Yes, you most certainly can!

You don't have limit your capability statement to just applying for tenders. Your marketing and business development team can use it for securing new business.

If you want more information, feel free to contact ClientCentric today!

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