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5 INCREDIBLE Examples of GREAT Capability Statements

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Looking for ways to make your capability statement more captivating? Check out these 5 impressive examples and get inspired!

Article by Matthew Coppola, ClientCentric

Matthew has extensive experience in crafting and designing compelling capability statements, coupled with his ability to provide guidance and coaching. He is highly sought after by companies of various industries and sizes for his expertise and knowledge of how to create engaging and visually appealing statements. To book a coaching session or enquire about his availability, simply send an enquiry today.

A Capability Statement is a crucial document that provides valuable insights into your business, including its capabilities, level of expertise, and the reasons why potential clients should choose your products or services. For more information about what a capability statement is and what they are used for, feel free to read our article: What Is a Capability Statement and What Are They Used For?

A powerful capability statement highlights your past achievements, unique approach, your company's distinct value proposition, and your target audience.

The design, written content, and visual elements tell an important story about your company. Remember, not every capability statement is the same.

Client Centric thinks that all businesses, regardless of size, can benefit from having a capability statement.

If you're looking to grow your business, it's essential to have one.

Our team has expertise in creating statements for various industries, including construction, energy, trades, asset management, security, and management consulting.

You’ll find five examples of capability statements written and designed by Client Centric to inspire your capability statement design and content.

1. Advanced Electrical Equipment

The front page of Advanced Electrical's capability statement

Advanced Electrical Equipment is a West Australian-owned electrical supplies company.

The distinct look of their capability statement is attributed to its design and style, which we created based on their logo's structure. We incorporated market-specific details on each page and emphasized their expertise in serving the local community, guiding customers through the entire process.

2. Nisbet Security Systems

The front page of Nisbet's capability statement

Nisbet Security Systems has been designing, installing, and servicing commercial, industrial and domestic security systems for over 20 years.

Their capability statement is concise, clear and easy to read and follow.

Every page is informative, and throughout the document are clever uses of marketing spiels like "Your premises secured for peace of mind".

3. Ironforge Constructions Group

Sample image page with caption and spiel for Ironforge

Ironforge Constructions Group is a boutique property development company specialising in sustainable design and construction projects.

Our goal in crafting Ironforge's capability statement was to strike a balance between being concise and informative while maintaining an eye-catching design. The outcome was a stunning capability statement that we are proud to have created.

4. Murphys Remedial Builders

Sample page in Murphy's capability statement which provides a timeline of their history

Since 1989 Murphy Remedial Services have been making a difference in the Building and Construction Industry. From their early days working on roofs, they have built an understanding of various trades, particularly those trades that are required to work at heights.

Murphy's capability statement is one of our biggest. Most of the pages explain the company and outline its range of professional services. Like Ironforge's statement, we made sure that this statement was informative yet not too wordy.

5. Khan Advisory

The front page of Khan Advisory's capability statement

Khan Advisory provides expert advisory services on regulation, reform and policy development in the energy sector in Australia and the Pacific region.

When creating this capability statement, we focused on ensuring all visual elements and content worked well together. The result was a highly professional statement.


Here are some of our most frequently asked questions about capability statements:

Do all capability statements look the same?

Each capability statement has its own distinct appearance and language style, but it must align with your brand's identity. In this article, we have showcased five exceptional examples of our clients' past capability statements. Please note that these are only sample pages.

Can I easily write one up?

Certainly! While many companies create their capability statements, some businesses prefer to outsource the content writing and design work for a more impressive marketing tool. At ClientCentric, we specialize in crafting and designing capability statements.

How long should a capability statement be?

The number of pages in a capability statement varies depending on the business size and desired length. As each statement is unique, we cannot provide an exact page count.

How much does it cost to get a capability statement professionally written and designed for my company?

We would be happy to provide you with more information on our capability statement writing and design service, including pricing details. Please contact us via email at or through our contact page, and we will send you a free brochure outlining our services and process.

Can I use a capability statement for business development/marketing purposes?

Absolutely! A capability statement is not just limited to tender applications; it can also be utilized by your marketing and business development team to acquire new clients. To learn more, please contact ClientCentric today.

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