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Is Every Capability Statement the Same?

#capabilitystatement #companymarketing #marketingmaterials It's important to remember that not all two capability statements are the same because companies differ and every industry is different. An effective capability statement is one that's tailored for the industry and needs of the audience.

Example of a professional capability statement for the project management industry
Not every capability statement will be the same.

The team at Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions have years of experience at writing and designing capability statements for companies in all kinds of industries, from construction and trades to security and management consulting.

There are several reasons why we believe that capability statements should be tailored and customised. Some of these reasons include:

Reason #1 - Audiences differ

Some companies need to create capability statements that appeal to investors, while other companies have a different audience to appeal to, like consumers or government clientele.

Reason #2 - Not every capability statement should include the same thing.

Small businesses may only want to include the most essential information like content about their company, what they do and why do business with them. While larger companies prefer to include information about governance, quality assurance, equipment, capabilities and so forth.

Chat to the professionals.

Remember, every capability statement differs and it's important to get it right the first time. Get in contact with the team at Client Centric. Learn more about our Capability Statement writing service.


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