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What Is a Capability Statement and What Are They Used For?

When companies and organisations of varying sizes tender for new business, they are often asked to submit a capability statement.

Essentially, a capability statement outlines the capabilities that a company has and why a government department or organisation should want to do business with them. It’s essentially like an organisation’s CV/resume. The statement outlines who they are, what they do and who for, plus what makes them stand out from the competition.

A capability statement can provide further detail as to an organisation’s governance mechanism, plant and equipment, profile of the management team, services and/or products as well as their commitment to safety, the environment and quality control.

Capability statements are more than just an informative document outlining what a company can do. They can be used by staff in marketing, sales and business development to use as a brochure to try and win over a customer’s business. Most importantly however, the content in the statement must stand out and be easy to read and follow. Because of this, Client Centric provide a professional copywriting and content development service. Click here to learn more.

Which means having an attractive and powerful capability statement, such as the ones below created by Client Centric, can prove to be a helpful tool when trying to persuade a potential client.

They look good don’t they? Inviting, welcoming and attractive. It’s not just a piece of informative material to help a prospective client make their decision. It’s also a great marketing tool designed to engage, attract and influence key decision makers.

We can all agree, it’s pretty tough out there in the business world. Trying to compete to stand out and make an impression is not easy. People are bombarded with advertising messages and materials all to obtain their dollars. Which is why it’s important more than ever to really show off to the world what your company can do and what makes you the best.

That’s what an effective and powerful capability statement/company brochure should do.




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