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Help For Employers: Outplacement Service by Client Centric

Letting go of staff is not an easy thing to do for any manager.

Having to tell staff who have been employed for many years that they are no longer required and that due to current poor business conditions and changes, the company has had to make staff redundant.

Letting go of staff makes sense for business needing to cut costs. But for the person who has been made redundant, this isn't an easy time for them. All of a sudden, they no longer have a job. they may have a mortgage and a family at home to support. So, losing their job is going to have an immediate impact on their family life.

No employer wants to create for themselves a bad reputation.

And, if you have hundreds of staff to make redundant, this can pose a real problem, especially if some staff don't take the redundancy very well.

To ease the transition of former employees moving on to new employment, Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions provide outplacement assistance and support to company of all sizes, industries and location.

Out team of employment specialists can write up professional CVs, cover letter and provide interview coaching to your staff. By equipping former employees with a great looking and informative CV and cover letter, may help increase their chances to secure new employment.

Our aim is to shorten the unemployment period.

If we can reduce the time it takes for someone to get a job, from say 4 months to 2 months or even shorter, that will make a big impact on the individual in reducing the economic impact of losing their job.

For more information on the outplacement service offered by Client Centric, please visit:



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