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How a Capability Statement can help your business.

A Capability Statement is a company marketing tool which defines the core competencies, accreditations, associations, achievements, and skills of your business.

Client Centric specialise in creating powerful and attractive capability statements that work to highlight and amplify what a business can do and why another company or large organisation should want to do business with them. For more information on this great service, please click here.

It is a clear and concise representation of what you offer to potential clients, what sets you apart from your competitors and your track record of accomplishments.

The statement communicates to potential customers, key stakeholders, suppliers, and future employees about your company, what it does and what makes it different, or unique. It outlines your business’ key selling points or your point of difference.

The purpose of the Capability Statement is to persuade others to conduct business with your company or organisation and to help differentiate you from the competition. It is a great tool that staff can use to strengthen your corporate brand and highlighting the point of difference and value you bring and why it is vital to the individual reading it, and how it can benefit them.

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