Practical Ways to Improve Time Management Skills

The trick with time management is to organise your tasks and use your time effectively to get more things done each day. Doing this will help you lower stress levels and improve your productivity both at work and at home.

Time management skills are essential and will take time to develop. Finding what works best for you and your busy schedule is key. This is also a common selection criterion.

To get you started, here are ways to improve your time management skills and increase productivity.

Delegate Tasks

It is common for all of us to take on more tasks than we are capable of completing; often resulting in stress and burnout.

Delegation does not mean you are running away from your responsibilities but are instead learning proper management of your tasks. Learn to delegate work to your subordinates as per their skills and abilities and get more done. Doing this will not only free up time for you but will help your team members feel like an integral piece of the work puzzle.

Prioritise Work

Before the start of the day, make a list of tasks that need your immediate attention. Unimportant tasks can consume much of your precious time, and we tend to offer these too much of our energy because they are easier or less stressful.

Identifying urgent tasks that need to be completed on that day is critical to your productivity. Once you know where to put your energy, you will start to get things done in an order that works for you and your schedule.

Create a Schedule

Carry a planner or notebook with you and list all the tasks that come to your m