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What benefit is it to getting to work on time?

Have you ever wondered why people see it as such a big deal that people get to work on time?

Many late-comers to work are faced with those relentless meetings with their employers about getting to work on time and having to explain their reasons for arriving 10 minutes to work regularly and habitually.

But really, what is the benefit of getting to work on time? Or early for that matter? I mean after all, if you stay back 10 minutes later to make up for the late start, is there an issue?

Employers don’t like it because they have correctly set your work schedule for a specified time frame – i.e. 9 am to 5 pm. And if everyone else in the team sees you getting to work late and getting away with it, they will feel like that’s okay and do the same. Next thing you know everyone at work is arriving late.

The other benefit to getting to work is not only will you no longer have to put up with those meetings about your attendance but also getting to work for a litter earlier helps put you in the right frame of mind.

You can make yourself a cup of coffee, read the news for a few minutes before starting your first meeting of the day or starting work.


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