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How You Can Write Accurate Selection Criteria Responses

Do you want to know how to write selection criteria? If so, you've come to the right place. To write great key selection criteria, you can follow this guideline:

  • Include relevant and solid examples,

  • Convince the reader,

  • Use the STAR format,

  • Keep to the word limit,

  • Get straight to the point, and

  • Focus on the quality of your writing, not quantity.

Include relevant examples

Your examples also have to be relevant. You want actual examples from your real-life experiences that clearly demonstrate your competence and show that you have applied such skills and qualities in the past.

Convince the reader

First and foremost, the key to addressing selection criteria is to convince the reader that you do meet the position requirements and that you have the skills, capabilities and first-hand experience to make a smooth transition into the role.

Use the STAR format

The STAR format is S (Situation), T (Task), A (Action) and R (Result). Don't get too caught up writing about the situation, and not enough about what you had to do and what you did, as well as what the outcome of it all was.

Keep the word limit

Keeping your responses to a minimum isn't an easy task, especially if you have so much to write about. But it's important to stick to around 300 - 350 words if you can. Remember, you don't want to bore the reader. This is especially true if you are writing the criteria in a cover letter format.

Get straight to the point

I cannot stress enough how important it is that you don't waffle on. Like I said earlier, don't bore the reader. It's imperative that you use far fewer words that convey the same meaning rather than speaking in a lengthy manner.

Focus on the quality of writing, not quantity

Many people find the whole task of sitting down and writing selection criteria quite overwhelming. You have to think about relevant examples, relate your experience, take the time to sit down, think about what you are going to write and then write it out. It certainly takes time and effort to do this.

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