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Ever wondered what happens during an interview coaching session? I'll explain.

Job interview coaching is when an experienced and qualified employment specialist, supports an individual to achieve their professional goal by providing one-on-one coaching and guidance.

Client Centric provides interview coaching to individuals all over Australia, servicing every capital.

Before each session, the coach will ask for a copy of the individual's resume, job description for the role that they are applying for and any concerns that they have in being interviewed. For detailed information on the interview coach's available at Client Centric, check out their team page.

A suitable time and day will be organised for the coaching session to occur. Then, during the session, the individual can expect the following to happen:

- To go through a mock interview

- To be provided with technique and skills

- To be given suggestions and guidance on how to respond effectively

- For their concerns to be addressed

- Going through standard and behavioural type interview questions

The purpose of interview coaching is to help prepare you for the interview. To give you the skills, confidence and courage to handle the interview. It's also a great way to prepare in advance for the session.



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