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When to Mention Salary Expectations

This question gets raised a lot by clients during our one-on-one interview skills coaching sessions. When should I talk about salary expectations? During the interview? Before or after? It's as if in our mind we think that if we start talking about money, then it's going to turn off the employer, and we won't get the job.

The discussion of salary expectation does not turn employers off once rapport has been built. To ensure rapport has been built you need to make sure they are aware of your strengths, weaknesses and it is nearing the end of the interview when you bring it up.

If, for example, the employer called you, said he/she received your professionally written resume and would like you to come in for an interview, and then you start saying how much money you expect to be paid, well, that will undoubtedly turn off the employer.

This turns them off because they haven't even met you and do not want to commit to any salary negotiation until they have met you and learned the basics of you as a person.

Employers can be sneaky and say, "What is your salary expectation?" which makes us all feel so giddy and happy that the employer is asking that. Don't be tricked! They are not a charity for jobseekers.

If an employer asks you that, I suggest saying that you are very interested to know what they had in mind for this role based on your skills and experience. Let them know that you are flexible with regard to pay negotiation.

Basically, you're saying that you want them to put an offer on the table first because it is their job, their company and you are happy to work around them.


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