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Capability Statements for Construction Companies

A capability statement is like an organisation's CV. It's a professional document that incorporates clever use of images, content and graphics to highlight, promote and market an organisation to a prospective client while at the same time providing information about the organisation, what they can do, their track record, and why do business with you. The idea is to help a potential client make a well-informed decision.

Some Australian building and construction organisations may use their capability statement to win new business as part of their overall marketing strategy. In contrast, others may include it as part of their tender application. Whatever you choose to do with your capability statement, make sure that it's professionally written and designed and that it sets you distinct from the competition.

Our company ClientCentric is an Australian professional services firm, and one of our areas of specialisation is capability statement writing and design. We've worked with many different companies all over Australia in the building and construction industry. Some of our clients provide an end-to-end property development service. In contrast, others focus on specific areas of a building project like plumbing, electrical, carpet laying, fencing, crane hire, HVAC, waterproofing and fit-outs, to name a few trades.

Some companies may choose to have more than one capability statement covering one specific area of their company. In contrast, others may have the one significant capability statement that encapsulates everything that they do.

If you're looking for a professional firm to help you build your capability statement, our team at ClientCentric have a wealth of experience. We welcome you to get in contact with us for a chat today.


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