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Capability Statements for Australian Small Businesses

An effective way that Australian small businesses gain an advantage over their competitors and grow exponentially is by tendering for new business or submitting proposals to secure large contracts. Many of these contracts often guarantee some level of security and offer another form of revenue stream.

However, when tendering for any new business or submitting a business proposal, many clients will ask for a capability statement to understand what your company does, what kind of experience your business has and what makes it distinct from the competition. A capability statement is a professional document that can be printed or used as digital marketing material to accompany a business proposal.

It's difficult for small businesses to get ahead and compete with the more prominent players in the industry. A capability statement can help make a company appear more significant and capable of taking on a large project. In addition, It may create trust and confidence in the business and influence a potentially large client to consider their offering seriously.

Companies tend to go for the significant players in an industry because they feel they can trust that they'll get it done and have the track record to prove it. For this very reason, the goal of any small business is to demonstrate that they have the capabilities and experience to take on any project, no matter the size.

Here at ClientCentric, we are the experts at writing and designing professional and attractive capability statements that seek to inform, influence and engage the reader. We have had years of experience honing our expertise in creating capability statements for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses.

So if you are interested in having ClientCentric make for you a capability statement, talk to the team today on 1300 612 665, or visit our page:


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