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What To Consider When Creating Your Capability Statement

Have you recently been asked to submit a capability statement? If so, you're probably wondering what to include in it.

How lengthy should my capability statement be?

A capability statement can be as short or as exhaustive and lengthy as you want it to be. However, it depends on what you want to achieve and what kind of information the prospective client wants to see.

Some clients may want to know the basics - like your company's profile, what you do, your experience, and why they should engage your services or products. In contrast, other clients may need to know more information like what kind of plant and equipment you have, your governance processes, commitment to quality assurance, and so forth.

Some companies may decide to have more than one capability statement as part of their portfolio. For example, if you have multiple divisions or departments, you could consider having a capability statement specific to each one. For example, here at ClientCentric, we created three separate capability statements for our client earthconnect, a business dedicated to making a difference environmentally through Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Technologies.

What can I include in my capability statement?

The type of information that you may like to consider include:

  1. Corporate information and contact details

  2. Business overview / introduction

  3. About us - Mission, vision, values, unique service proposition (USP)

  4. Company services and/or products

  5. Core competencies - Specific skills and capabilities, training, qualifications and accreditations

  6. Experience – Track record of completed projects and/or case studies

  7. About the team and management profile

  8. Major client list

  9. Organisational chart (for larger companies)

  10. Plant and equipment you use

  11. Geographic area of operation

  12. WHS compliance, policy and procedures

  13. Environmental Management Policy

  14. Quality Assurance

  15. Insurance details – Public Liability, others

  16. Professional associations and memberships

  17. Awards and recognition

  18. Community involvement

  19. Client testimonials

  20. Customer service philosophy

  21. Call to action

What kind of help is available to create for me a capability statement?

Our company ClientCentric, has many years of experience in writing and designing professional capability statements for companies across various industries, including the legal, construction, asset maintenance, retail, mining, scientific and healthcare sectors.

For more information, please feel free to visit our capability statement writing and design service page or call the team at ClientCentric on 1300 612 665 today.


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