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What is the benefit of having my resume professionally written?

Just about every job advertised asks for the applicant to submit a copy of their resume and a cover letter.

Unless the prospective employer is very familiar with your skillset and experience, or has spoken extensively to you and required a resume and cover letter for formalities, indeed you have only one opportunity to grab the attention of the prospective employer to move them to want to invite you in for an interview.

You can also use the resume over and over again, even making any adjustments or additions as your career progresses. A professionally written resume should market your skills and experience. Highlight your strengths and promote the valuable work experience you have gained over the course of your career. A good cover letter should be well tailored and specific to the role you are applying.

Essentially it should say “I want this job. I know what you require in a suitable candidate, and this is what I have to offer for this role and specifically your company/organisation.”.


Would you like to have your resume professionally revamped to help apply for a new job?

Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions is an Australian based business that provides interview skills coaching, assists with CV/Resume writing, addressing key selection criteria and covering letters to help you with giving your best foot forward to an employer.

Please feel free to visit their website:

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