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What is a Capability Statement Template?

A capability statement template is a pre-designed format or outline that helps organizations and businesses to create a document that describes their capabilities, experience, and expertise in a particular field or industry.

A capability statement is essentially a marketing tool that showcases an organization's strengths, achievements, and unique selling points.

A capability statement template typically includes sections for providing key information about the organization, such as:

  1. Company background and history

  2. Products and services offered

  3. Experience and expertise

  4. Qualifications and certifications

  5. Awards and recognitions

  6. Client testimonials

  7. Contact information

Using a pre-designed capability statement template can save time and ensure consistency in formatting and content.

Many templates also include tips and guidelines for writing effective statements and may be tailored to specific industries or business types.

Organizations can customize the template to match their brand and messaging while ensuring they highlight key information to potential clients, partners, and stakeholders.



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