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What an Outplacement Service Does

Have you ever wondered involved in an outplacement service and what it does for the organisation and for the individual/s involved?

One of the primary services that ClientCentric provides is outplacement services.

Our team of expert employment specialists work with organisations, big and small. We help cut down their workforce and reduce staffing numbers while keeping the morale and respect of existing staff. As a result, those dismissed staff members can leave with dignity. A good outplacement service shows the utmost sensitivity, concern, and discretion for those staff involved.

Professional Australian outplacement service providers, like ClientCentric, provide staff members with tailored employment solutions and support to enable them to transition to new employment sooner. An outplacement service does what it needs to do. It helps support the placement of people out of their current organisation and into a new organisation smoothly and without any damage to morale.

Some of the outplacement services that are provided by ClientCentric include a professionally written and tailored CV and cover letter, a revamped LinkedIn profile, one-on-one interview skills coaching and formal letter writing. Such services take the stress out of applying for work, and make it easier for the individual to start right away at applying for jobs in their chosen industry or area of expertise.

What does an outplacement service do for the organisation?

An outplacement service helps an organisation maintain employee morale while cutting down staffing numbers. In the age of social media, people can become vocal, which can damage or severely affect an organisation's reputation. By utilising an outplacement service provider, the organisation essentially demonstrates to their people that they care and want to make sure that people move on to new employment as soon as possible.

What does an outplacement service do for the individual?

For the individual involved, the outplacement service demonstrates that their organisation genuinely cares about their wellbeing and economic security. The services on offer through an outplacement service will help shorten the time for that staff member to move on to new employment.

When emotions are involved, it can cloud people's judgement. When you're emotionally compromised and you have to look for a job and do everything like update your resume and cover letter, it's not easy. Outplacement services make it easier for the individual and take that unnecessary stress and burden away from them so that they can just concentrate on applying for work.


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