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Benefits in using an outplacement service provider

Dismissing staff is not an easy task for any organisation to do. It can be a difficult time for the employee. To help counter any negative effects to employee morale within the rest of the organisation and to ensure a smooth transition out of the organisation and to new employment, many organisations make full use of the services of an outplacement services provider, such as Client Centric..

Outplacement services are designed to help support an employee to move on to new employment as quickly as possible, helping to reduce any negativity to their former employer. It can show to an employee that the organisation wants to support them move on to another job and help reduce any pain in being out of work.

Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions assist with providing an employee with the following tools to support their job search efforts:

- professionally written and tailored CV.

- custom or general cover letter

- a revamped Linkedin profile

- assistance with addressing key selection criteria

- interview skills coaching

All of theses services will equip the former employee with the 'tools' they need to actively apply for work with confidence.

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