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What Exactly is an Outplacement Service?

An effective outplacement service is where an employment agency or a professional services firm steps in to assist an organisation transition staff on to new employment in a smooth and transient way so that employee morale and any follow on negativity does not impact the organisation following the redundancies.

I know that answer is quite lengthy.

Basically, in a nutshell, an outplacement service is where a company steps in to provide employment services to individuals who have recently been retrenched.

To support them to find new employment as quickly as possible, a company like us Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions will equip the affected employee/s with a brand new and tailored CV, cover letter, interview coaching, a revamped LinkedIn profile and assistance address key selection criteria. Client Centric calls this their outplacement and career transition service and is available to companies of all sizes and industries.

In an article on entitled: Snapshot about the outplacement services offered by Client Centric, it mentions that Client Centric assist companies letting go of staff by writing for the employees a new CV and covering letter along with providing them interview skills coaching to ease the transition on to other employment.

Outplacement services are usually utilised by companies when they need to make mass redundancies. To stop any negative impact (like an employee leaving irate and causing damage) and also to help employees feel comfortable as best as possible, a company would do well to utilise the professional services of Client Centric Executive Employment Solutions to help ease the burden that comes with making mass redundancies.

In one of my earlier articles entitled: Help For Employers: Outplacement Service by Client Centric, I mentioned that letting go of staff makes sense for business needing to cut costs. But for the person who has been made redundant, this isn't an easy time for them.

At Client Centric, if we can reduce the time it takes for someone to get a job, from say 4 months to 2 months or even shorter, that will make a big impact on the individual in reducing the economic impact of losing their job.


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