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Should You Put Your Employment References As “Available Upon Request”?

As a professional CV writer based in Australia, I get asked this question all the time.

I come across many people who want to know whether they should include their job references in their CV or leave them out. Good question indeed.

People ask this question because they are unsure whether a prospective employer or recruiter will contact their references without their prior knowledge.

Some job seekers may want to give their referees some notice to expect a call about a potential job. For these very reasons, they may choose to opt out of including their referee’s contact details in their CV.

If an employer wants to hire you, they will approach you directly for your referees’ contact details – whether or not you decide to include them in your CV.

If, however, for some unknown reason, a prospective employer decides to contact your references without your knowledge, it may catch your references off-guard.

Because of this, it makes sense to notify your references first before sending out your CV that they may receive a call from an employer, but you’ll try to let them know first when to expect a call.

The other option is to include the names and basic details of your references, but leave out their contact numbers and email addresses. You can then have a sentence at the bottom stating that their contact details will be made available request.

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