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Get Noticed with Professional Resume Writing Services in Melbourne, Australia - Our expert writers craft tailored resumes and cover letters that showcase your skills and experience, using strategic keywords to optimize your online presence and attract potential employers. Trust us to deliver a polished and eye-catching image that helps you stand out in today's competitive job market.
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Melbourne Resume and Cover Letter Writing Service 

Looking to accelerate your job search in Melbourne? Our Australian-based team of expert writers offers a top-notch CV and cover letter writing service tailored to showcase your skills and experience in the most effective way possible. 

Catapult your career forward with a uniquely crafted resume and cover letter written to market you

Our resume writers will craft a CV that incorporates what employers in your field are asking for in a suitable candidate and highlight your relevant skills and experience.

We can also write for you a tailored and custom-written cover letter that can be generalised or personalised to a particular role you want.  

We aim to draw and hold the employer's attention, helping you to stand out from other applicants vying for the same role in Melbourne. 

Example of a cover letter written in Melbourne
Example of a resume written in Melbourne


The team excelled and I am one very very very happy client. I will be recommending others to utilise this company for their CV and profiles to have the best chance they can to move forwards in the workplace joy.


Accelerate your job search in Melbourne with a professionally crafted resume and cover letter by Australian-based career specialists and writers. Stand out in a competitive job market with our bespoke documents tailored to highlight your unique skills and experience. 
No matter your industry or profession, our team of writers have experience writing resumes for all levels, occupations, industries and trades. Even if you want to make a career change.
At our Melbourne-based resume writing service, we understand what it takes to captivate an employer's attention and prompt them to invite you for an interview. 

With our expertly crafted resumes, you'll be equipped with the tools and skills to stand out in a competitive job market. Trust us to help you achieve your career goals. 


Person receiving help from ClientCentric, Melbourne's best resume writers

We'll take your old CV and turn it into something amazing, so you can be more confident when applying for work.

At our Melbourne-based resume writing service, we understand that an employer will only spend a few seconds scanning each resume in a sea of hundreds. That's why we pride ourselves on our ability to create standout resumes that catch the recruiter's eye. Our expert writers know exactly what to include and how to spin your experience to give you the best possible chance of getting your dream job.

Our new resume package includes a career objective, a selling spiel, a comprehensive list of skills, and an informative employment history, all designed to promote your transferrable skills and experience.  Our well-organized and compelling content is specifically designed to market and promote your skills, experience, and achievements.

We know how to showcase your accomplishments and make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you're looking to advance in your career or switch paths, we can help you build on your transferrable experience and skills. Don't settle for a generic resume - trust us to craft a keyword-rich and attention-grabbing document that will help you achieve your career goals. Contact us today to get started.

We service clients across all areas in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs including Geelong, St Kilda, Brighton, Rowville, Werribee, Broadmeadows, Ringwood, Wantirna, Oakleigh, Clayton, Huntingdale, Chadstone, Altona Meadows, Hampton, Officer, Greensborough, Newport, Point Cook.

The industries we have experience writing for

What our valued customers have said

"Everything looks really professional and well detailed, thank you so much!" "Absolutely great work. Thank you. A complete difference I see what you mean. I don't know how to thank you."

Made a few changes myself and the docs are good to go. So no more editing will be required from you. Thanks very much for your prompt and quality service!

"Outstanding! Thanks very much for your effort in presenting a very professional package for me. Your wording and format are exceptional, and have given me a very good base to start pursuing another long term career."

"Sent through my application yesterday and I just wanted to say thanks for organising my resume within such short notice. Fingers crossed and hoping for the best now."

We've worked with thousands of job seekers from all industries, professions, and trades at every level, including:

  • Administration and Office Support

  • Retail

  • Primary/Secondary and Tertiary Education

  • Healthcare: Nursing and Midwifery

  • Accounting

  • HR and Recruitment

  • CEO and General Management

  • Advertising, Arts and Media

  • Banking and Financial Services

  • Transport and Logistics

  • Education and Training

  • Mining and Resources

  • Call Centre and Customer Service

  • Engineering

  • Manufacturing

  • Government and Defence - All EL and APS levels

  • Hospitality and Tourism

  • Trades: Plumbing/Construction/Electrical

  • Legal

  • Real Estate

Your employment history will be detailed and comprehensive.

We take the time to write up an employment summary and carefully group all your responsibilities into their respective areas. We do this to make it easier for the reader to understand what you have done in each job.

Work history.png

Attention to detail is clear in every CV we write.
We'll make sure you put your best foot forward.

Our resumes are designed to make an immediate impact with a clear, concise, and structured layout that's easy to read.

At our Melbourne-based resume writing service, we understand that every job requires a tailored approach, which is why we adapt your resume to the specific role you're applying for.


We research and investigate what employers in Melbourne are looking for in potential candidates and ensure that your resume encapsulates those key attributes.  


Our team takes considerable care in customizing and adapting your resume, investing significant time to ensure that it meets the expectations of potential employers.


By doing so, we help you stand out in a crowded job market and increase your chances of getting the job you want. Trust us to craft a personalized and keyword-rich resume that showcases your unique skills and experience. 

We pride ourselves on creating tailored and personalized CVs and cover letters designed specifically for you.

Our approach sets us apart from the rest because we take the time to ensure that your application documents are tailored to meet the job specifications of potential employers.  


Our resumes feature concise headings that make for easy reading, while the first part of your CV is crafted in a story-like presentation that showcases your unique strengths and experience. This section serves as your selling spiel, designed to make a strong impression on the employer and leave a lasting impact.


With our personalized approach, you can rest assured that your application will stand out from the crowd and get noticed by potential employers. 

Our Melbourne-based resume writing service provides perfectly written and designed CVs and cover letters that highlight, market, and promote your unique skills and experience.

We take the time to understand your career aspirations and craft application documents that put a spotlight on the specific skills and capabilities that potential employers are looking for.  


Our team of expert writers understands what hiring managers are looking for in a candidate and will work closely with you to ensure that your application documents meet their expectations.


Whether you're looking to advance your career or switch industries, our personalized approach ensures that your CV and cover letter are tailored to your specific needs.

A personalised cover letter can prove to an employer just how keen and interested you are in the position.

Example of a cover letter written for a job in Melbourne

When applying for a job, including a well-crafted cover letter is essential. Employers want to know not only your interest in the position but also what unique skills and experiences you bring to their organisation.  


At our Melbourne-based resume writing service, we offer customized cover letter writing services that are designed to make a strong first impression on potential employers. Our team of experienced writers can prepare a one-page general cover letter for you to edit as you see fit or a personalized cover letter tailored specifically to the job you're applying for.  


We understand that every job application is unique, and that's why we offer a personalized approach to cover letter writing. We take the time to understand your career goals and craft a cover letter that highlights your specific skills and experiences, making you stand out from the crowd. 

Choose ClientCentric to write for you a custom-written cover letter that just works.

A simple process.
From start
to finish.

Initial consultation

We make initial contact with you.


We then ask if you can send us your existing resume and any supporting documentation, along with details of the role that you wish to apply for or a couple of links to jobs on We will email/call you if we have any questions for further clarification.


Full payment will need to be made upfront.


We usually ask for up to 3 working days to have the documents completed and ready for your review. 


Delivery and Revision

We will send the documents to you for your review and to see if you would like any changes or additions made. The documents will be sent to you in both Word and PDF format.


We're ready when you are.

View our fees and packages.

We offer a range of pricing options to suit everyone's budget. Our fees are straightforward and clear, just how it should be.

Talk to one of our friendly staff.

Have questions about how we work, payment terms or anything else? Just ask us.

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