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Answering Selection Criteria on Conflict Resolution

Do you need help answering selection criteria relating to conflict resolution? Don't know where to start? I'll help explain what kind of responses these types of selection criteria require and how you should structure your response accordingly.

Firstly explain your understanding of conflict resolution and why it's important.

Explain in your own words what your understanding of conflict resolution is. Write about what kind of skills are necessary to effectively resolve conflict in the workplace.

Secondly, explain why you think good conflict resolution skills are necessary for this position.

Talk about why it's important to be skilful at resolving conflict at work.

Thirdly, give an example or two on a situation when you resolved conflict.

Using the STAR format, provide one or two examples of a situation when you resolved conflict in the workplace.

Lastly, offer a final thought on conflict resolution in the workplace.

Give a final word on why it's necessary and important to resolve conflict at work for the sake of a harmonious workplace.


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