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Ready To Return Back to The Office?

Man at home working from home
It can be a luxury working from home

These past few months have seen many employees work from home.

Some have found it an absolute luxury to work from home. In contrast, others struggle with being away from their corporate office and have to contend with the attraction of relaxing, sitting on the couch to watch their favourite show.

If, however, you will soon be asked to return to the workplace where you can still work safely in an open office environment, you may need to start thinking about how you will get ready to return.

With this in mind, I would like to offer you the following suggestions:

  1. Set your alarm to get up early if you need to account for preparation, breakfast, and travel time. Do this for a while so that you may be able to get in the right frame of mind.

  2. Try getting dressed in your work clothes and then wearing this all day while you work from home.

  3. Have a short lunch break as if you usually would at work, rather than falling into the trap of an extended lunch break while working from home.

I hope such suggestions will help you be better prepared to return to the workplace.

However, you may also feel that now is the time to seek alternative employment.



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